Ronacher´s Health
Weeks 2024

Discover the unique Health Weeks at the Ronacher’s focussing on the theme of “Body Love” which will help you promote your physical and mental health.

The Programme

Carolin Fischer
Mindfulness Training & Functional Fitness

January, 06/01-13/01/2024

Your point of contact for individual fitness & health: Sport and exercise have shaped my life for as long as I can remember. My vision has always been to pass on my passion for sports and my enjoyment of an active lifestyle.

Completing my dual course of study in health management (2018) allowed me to turn my interests in sport into a career. And thanks to the accompanying practice component, I have been able to gain a lot of experience as a coach in the fitness, health, and sports rehabilitation sector since 2014. From the start of 2020, I have been fully self-employed working in this sector. I predominantly work with complex, everyday exercises and training programmes that challenge all coordination and conditioning skills. In this context, in 2020, I also discovered yoga for myself, which I have been teaching ever since after completing 200 hours of Vinyasa training and 100 hours of Yin, as well as pre and postnatal training.

I love the mix of functional power workout and holistic relaxation and enjoy putting together a variety of programmes from these components.

Johanna Rubio
Pilates & Fitness Boxing

February: 23/02 – 03/03/2024

Pushing the boundaries.

If you are looking for a classic fitness class, then you have come to the wrong place here, as Johanna Rubio, 29 years old, is not a traditional coach with classic classes where you let off some steam. She will train you holistically and individually. She has the best fitness, functional, mobility and boxing workouts for you to help you achieve your goals.

Engaging in intensive boxing training will boost your physical performance, improve your cognitive abilities, and enhance your wellbeing. Elegance and intelligence.

Thaddäus Rauh
A flight on the ICAROS device

February: 23/02 – 03/03/2024

VR Icaros Discover the virtual world of ICAROS with Thaddäus Rauh.

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Are you ready for an impressive experience of the latest kind? Thaddäus Rauh, 28 years old and ICAROS expert from Kempten, has revolutionized core training.

Thaddäus has held numerous workshops and is part of the growing ICAROS community. Many professional athletes rely on ICAROS – to complement their training or for an impressive experience. With ICAROS, we have found the perfect way to combine core training and fascination. We honour the legend and are proud to present you with a new and unique way of travelling the skies like a bird. Immerse yourself in the interactive experience offered by this new and exclusive FLY mode. Instructed by Thaddäus, his clients have euphorically completed countless hours of flying. Take part in a revolutionary training and experience an unforgettable flight on ICAROS.

Susanne Wagner
Antara Spine Stabilization

June: 10/06 -14/06/2024

Body and movement have been the core of Susanne Wagner’s profession for more than 30 years. By working her way from the outside in, she gained a multifaceted insight of how individuals can work their way ”up“ in hierarchies through commitment, an interest in learning, and a lot of practice. Practising with thousands of class participants and clients, she has developed a special ability – to recognize movement patterns and trace them back to their origin via their various layers. This is the only place where change and new patterns can be learned in a meaningful way. Her approach is a playful and creative one using pictures, stories and providing lots of fun.

For Susanne Wagner, tangible challenges are “potential developments“ – so if you want to develop your potential while having fun, you have come to the right place. She is a specialist in everything to do with posture, stability and, above all, in core training, which can improve the basic quality for any sport. The movement concept she employs for group fitness is the scientifically based Antara® Training, as it offers useful exercises for the modern lifestyle and because Antara® works.

Vera Gloger

September: 02/09 – 08/09/2024

Are you a runner, triathlete, or an endurance athlete? Do you have little time and want to improve your flexibility, prevent injuries, and do a better workout with yoga?

For runners or triathletes, yoga can enhance training, performance, and long-term health. Exercises selected sensibly can promote your flexibility and body stability, while an improved body awareness will help you to implement the technique for your specific sport. The combination of yoga stances and breathing helps you relax and train your mental skills. I will be delighted to share my experience with you in my yoga classes. And with like-minded people, doing yoga does not only feel good, but is also fun (

Sophia Häfner

September: 23/09 – 29/09/2024

  • Officially recognized sports and gymnastics teacher with additional qualification in sports therapy
  • Physiotherapist
  • Personal trainer, fitness coach A-licence
  • Student of Sports Science

Exercise has always been an integral part of my everyday life. I have turned this passion into a career. Over time, I have learned that exercise is not everything, but without exercise, everything is nothing. I have learned to understand what my body needs to be able to switch off after an intense workout or after a stressful day.

A quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn (who teaches mindfulness meditations) describes the meaning of mindfulness exercises in everyday life quite accurately: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.“ Try our mindfulness series and learn how to surf your waves in everyday life in a more relaxed way.