Natural beauty starts with self-love.

Discover our comprehensive beauty treatments from head to toe. Our team of therapists understands the importance of loving and caring for your body.

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Our soothing massages are more than just relaxation – they are an expression of love for your body. Get pampered by our experienced therapists and feel the tension release and the inner glow emerge.

Body treatments are the key to a healthy and radiant appearance. Our tailored programs will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s firmer skin, a slimmer silhouette, or a revitalised appearance.

Natural beauty with the power of science.

Facial cosmetics are the crowning glory of our range. Our skin experts use the latest techniques and the highest quality products to bring out your natural beauty. Give your face the attention it deserves and feel radiant and confident.

From head to toe

Our beauty retreat is all about Body LOVE – the love and care for your body. We invite you to get pampered from head to toe and to discover the unique beauty that lies within you.

Wellness for all senses

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Shirodhara – oil forehead pouring

€ 136,- for 60 min.
Abhyanga & Shirodhara combination:
€ 249,- for 120 min.

Mukabhyanga – ayurvedic facial massage

€ 68,– for 25 Min.

Nabhi Marma – ayurvedic abdominal massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Shirobhyanga – ayurvedic head-, neck- and shoulder massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Padabhyanga – ayurvedic foot massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Prishta Abhyanga – ayurvedic back massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Garshan massage – silk glove massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Udvartana massage – ayurvedic exfoliation

€ 106,– for 45 Min.

Classic Abhyanga – full body oil massage

€ 142,– for 75 Min.

Sports massage

€ 98,– for 50 Min.

Hot stone therapy USA

€ 102,– for 50 Min.
€ 136,– for 75 Min.

Shiatsu Japan

€ 98,– for 50 Min.
€ 132,– for 75 Min.
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