Art and culture at Das Ronacher

Inspiring mind and soul

At our hotel, art and culture add another fascinating aspect to your stay making your holiday an unforgettable experience. Countless artists from across Europe have already performed with us. Actors, cabaret artists, singers, bands, and many more have entertained our guests in recent years and left a memorable impression.

The Ronacher guest performances

Art encourages dialogue and promotes social interaction between our guests creating an opportunity to make new connections and build new friendships.

Art and culture at our hotel are key to enriching your stay and exploring the artistic side of the world. Most of the events are free of charge for our hotel guests while non-residents interested in culture are welcome to buy tickets for our events, depending on availability. Please contact our reception for tickets. Enjoy. We look forward to seeing you.

Who, if not me - when, if not now

Studio Soul Festival

Seven steps to a successful life
In the coming weeks, we invite all guests and friends of our hotel as well as all employees to a special program of encouragement for body and soul.
People are “beings of abundance”. Everything that can become of them in life is already laid out in them as potential at the hour of their birth. A carefree child still “knows” this. The more a person grows up, the more they run the risk of forgetting this “knowledge” and losing their curiosity, enthusiasm and joy in life.

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