Summer of
Culture 2024

The Summer of Culture is here a last, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to our guests! The joy and enthusiasm are palpable as we enjoy the variety of cultural events together. It is a real treat to feel the poignant atmosphere and to see the cultural life coming back to life again. We very much look forward to enjoying the Cultural Summer to the fullest together with you!

Elections, sporting events, and anniversaries – there are many important events coming up in 2024, including the European Football Championship in Germany! We have chosen days off when YOU can get 100% involved with US!

The programme

The Comedian Harmonists

Wednesday, 3 July 2024

Veronica, the Weimar Comedian Harmonists are here again!

With more than 100 performances at the German National Theatre Weimar alone, they are the perennial favourite – 25 years on! Experience two hours with a “permanent smile“ on your face, forgetting all the gloom and doom outside, probably comparable to that time when the Comedians first got together!


Thursday, 4 Juli 2024
11 am

A matinée of a special kind with the Weimar Comedian Harmonists. Let yourself be surprised!

"Die ganze Welt ist himmelblau"
("The Whole World is Sky Blue“)

Sunday, 7 July 2024

“You don’t know me, but you’ve heard a lot of me.“ This is how the composer Werner Richard Heymann often introduced himself. The pun hides a deeper truth. Only a few people know his name, but everyone who keeps their ears open is very familiar with his songs. Heymann wrote hits, evergreens, and catchy tunes non-stop – most of them with his lyricist Robert Gilbert at his side: “Das gibt’s nur einmal” (“That’s only once”), “Ein Freund, ein guter Freund” (“A friend, a good friend”), “Irgendwo auf der Welt” (“Somewhere in the world”). Today, he is considered the top film composer of UFA in the Golden Twenties.

In a colourful evening, we will present his best songs that helped stars such as Heinz Rühmann or Lilian Harvey achieve great success, but also unknown rarities that were only performed in cabarets and on small stages. Some music just doesn‘t age.

Experience and exhilarating evening with songs of the golden era!

Cast: Markus Seidensticker, Katrin Strocka and Thomas Voigt


Monday, 8 July 2024
11 am

Let yourself be carried away to the matinée ”Die ganze Welt ist himmelblau” (“The Whole World is Sky Blue”)!

FERRAGOSTO in Italy and
ASSUMPTION DAY in Southern Germany

Thursday, 15 August 2024

Tell me Quando, tell me when – I can be at the Ronacher again?

Oh, how time flies! ALEXANDER VOIGT is delighted to lead you through the evening of Ferragosto – together with his golden voice singers FELICITAS & ELISABETH WREDE! To the bank holiday – LIBIAMO!

What would Italy be without its great operas! Its famous tunes: Vivaldi, Rossini, Donizetti, Verdi! We will be at the Arena di Verona. And it will be Gianni Schicchi performing! Immerse yourself in this Italian soundscape! In one of the most beautiful arias that can only come from the pen of an Italian composer! Puccini! O mio babbino caro … Followed by many more evocative titles, such as MARINA MARINA MARINA.


Friday, 16 August 2024
11:00 am

Let yourself be carried away to an Italian matinée!

Volumen X - They are back:
Pigor & Eichhorn

Friday, 18 October 2024

Live and in front of an audience, on the boards that mean the real world, with brains, charm, and salon hip-hop, with grand piano and vocals. After nine successful and award-winning programme volumes and various side projects, it would now be time for the anniversary edition – however, instead of looking back, the two renowned experts of elegant rap will lean out quite far of their time window and present: Volumen X. The brand-new generation of chansons as a reflection of the rudely awakened 20s. An astute analysis of the limits of modern social respectability and an umpteenly clever obstacle course through the stumbling blocks of rhetorics – even medieval universities already taught students to discredit their interlocutors rhetorically rather than dwell in content. Along the way, Pigor & Eichhorn will expose the supposedly well-known ballad “Ne me quitte pas“ as a stalker’s wet dream giving a more precise translation.

See more programme details.




Your benefit: The evening events are included in the overnight rate!

For day guests:
Ticket for the event € 38.-
Indulging meal incl. ticket € 96.-

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the SUMMER OF CULTURE 2024 in the enchanting setting of the Ronacher!

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