Ultimate relaxation

in the alpine hut sauna village in the Alps

Discover the sauna village at Das Ronacher thermal spa hotel by strolling from the spa reception through an idyllic grotto past the statue of the “Youth of Magdalensberg”. This mysterious corridor takes you into a world of total rest, relaxation, and unlimited wellbeing.

Feel-good saunas in Carinthia

At your spa hotel in Carinthia, exquisite sauna experiences await you, including a steam sauna, an exclusive bio sauna, and the calming amethyst grotto. After your sauna session, you can cool down in the refreshing sauna pool at a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees. You are in for another treat in Austria’s first thermal saltwater pool, where you will feel like you are floating, with soft underwater music enveloping you.

Alpine hut sauna & pine sweat room

Boost your immune system in the pine sweat room or experience authentic sauna moments in the alpine hut sauna with an impressive temperature of around 90°C. For those who find the Finnish sauna too intense, the pine sweat room at a temperature of 60°C is the ideal alternative. For centuries, pine needles have been a proven home remedy for boosting the immune system.

Private light, scent, and sound sauna

Experience a unique pleasure in Austria – our private light, scent, and sound sauna. This fascinating high-end audio experience is individually tailored to match the respective colour allowing the coloured light to unfold its full effect on your body. From a brass kettle above the rustic sauna stove, special soothing aromas emanate matching the respective colour and creating a wonderful atmosphere for the most beautiful hours together.

This unique combination was developed in collaboration with the University of Graz – with an extremely positive impact on your mood and brain synapses.

Amethyst grotto & sauna lounge

The amethyst grotto charms its guests with its wonderful aura created by a myriad of cleverly positioned amethysts. The characteristic purple light of the stones takes away excess energy and promises deep relaxation. In the sauna lounge of the sauna park, surrounded by a babbling fountain and a magnificent mountain panorama, you will always find some comfortable loungers and the chance to have a cosy read.

Pine sauna and saltwater steam bath with swimwear use

If you are a sauna aficionado wearing swimwear, you can access the Finnish pine sauna and the saltwater steam bath from the indoor pool to enjoy the exciting interplay of hot and cold. The Finnish pine sauna with its open fireplace will inspire you with its alluring scent – a real antihypertensive. In the wonderful saltwater steam, you can unwind and relax. If you wish, you can have healing salt added to the grotto as required, which does not only make you feel good, but also boosts your immune system.

Guided ceremonies and themed infusions

Heavenly infusions with infusion fairy Nicky

My name is Nicole Relke, a qualified accountant, 38 years old, married and mother of 2 daughters. I discovered my love of saunas 7 years ago when we moved from Spittal/Drau to Bad Kleinkirchheim. At the Römerbad, I developed a passion for sauna infusions through my self-designed guest infusions, which is when I decided to turn my hobby into a profession.

I completed the sauna master and sauna/spa attendant training and passed everything with very good results, which only strengthened my decision to become self-employed.

Infusions in February

Wednesday, February 21
05.00 pm Cream infusion with scented oil (Almhüttn sauna house)

Friday, February 23
05.00 pm Cream infusion with scented oil (Almhüttn sauna house)

Saturday, February 24
05.00 pm  Steam bath infusion with homemade peeling and foam (steam bath)
05.30 pm Cream infusion with scented oil (Almhüttn sauna house)

Wednesday, February 28
05.00 pm Cream infusion with scented oil (Almhüttn sauna house)


Sweat well!