Pure relaxation on holiday

with soothing massages

Holiday is a time to relax, indulge in wellness, and promote your health to the max. Our massages not only offer soothing care for your body together with a wonderful skin feeling, but also allow you to leave everyday life and stress behind. Give yourself the time to fully relax, release tension and blockages, and to recharge your batteries. Please note: Not every massage is the same! It is important to us that our guests only entrust themselves to the hands of experienced professionals. An outstandingly trained team, years of practical experience, and the ability to empathize with people’s needs – that‘s what sets our first-class masseurs apart from others.

Classic partial body massages

Recommended for tense back and shoulder muscles, preferably in combination with a natural mud pack.

Price: € 56.– for 25 min.

Classic full body massage

Relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and leads to deep relaxation.

Price: € 89.– for 50 min. | Full Body Special: € 132.– for 75 min.


Activating the reflex points on the sole and back of the foot stimulates the self-healing powers of the organs. This technique relaxes all organs and muscles, improves blood circulation and lymphatic system, and boosts the immune system.

Price: € 69.– for 25 min.

Combi massage

A back massage is combined with a reflexology foot massage.

Price: € 92.– for 50 min.

Lymphatic drainage

This gentle massage technique stimulates lymphatic circulation, decongests, and gently drains the body.

Price: € 59.– for 25 min. | € 89.– for 50 min.

Aromatherapy oil massage

An essential oil balm gently massaged in invigorates and harmonizes body, mind, and soul while creating an intense feeling of relaxation.

Price: € 92.– for 50 min.

Experience the Original Royal Thai Massage in Carinthia

This unique experience is possible thanks to our connections to the Thai royal family. Simone Ronacher maintains excellent contacts with the royal family which has resulted in a long-standing partnership. Our Thai masseurs were trained in the best massage schools.

The special features of Thai massage at Das Ronacher

Thai massage has been practised for centuries and is based on the stretching positions and movements of yoga. Our masseurs not only use the ball of the thumb and the thumb itself, but also their knees, elbows, and feet to stimulate energy lines and release tension through dynamic movements. This massage, which is carried out without oil, takes place on a mat on the floor and offers holistic relaxation for body and soul.


Die Thai Massage kann helfen bei:

Thai massage can have a soothing effect on various ailments:


– Muscle tension

– Backache, neck & shoulder problems

– Headaches & migraines

– Stress and resulting sleep & digestive problems


Price: € 102.– for 50 min. | € 132.– for 75 min.

Original Thai Foot Massage

This massage loosens foot and calf muscles with gentle stroking movements, stretches, and acupressure. Fragrant oil complements the pampering programme improving blood circulation, relieving tired legs, stimulating the lymphatic flow, and boosting the immune system.


Price: € 98.– for 50 min.

Healing Ayurveda meets mindful yoga

From EUR 817.- per person

Discover the art of relaxation and wellbeing at the Ronacher SPA Hotel in Carinthia.

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Shirodhara – oil forehead pouring

€ 136,- for 60 min.
Abhyanga & Shirodhara combination:
€ 249,- for 120 min.

Mukabhyanga – ayurvedic facial massage

€ 68,– for 25 Min.

Nabhi Marma – ayurvedic abdominal massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Shirobhyanga – ayurvedic head-, neck- and shoulder massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Padabhyanga – ayurvedic foot massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Prishta Abhyanga – ayurvedic back massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Garshan massage – silk glove massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Udvartana massage – ayurvedic exfoliation

€ 106,– for 45 Min.

Classic Abhyanga – full body oil massage

€ 142,– for 75 Min.

Sports massage

€ 98,– for 50 Min.

Hot stone therapy USA

€ 102,– for 50 Min.
€ 136,– for 75 Min.

Shiatsu Japan

€ 98,– for 50 Min.
€ 132,– for 75 Min.