The Elf Garden

A power place to stop and linger

Welcome to the Elf Garden. A world of imagination and inspiration in the heart of Carinthia’s Nock Mountains.

The Elf Garden is a place dedicated to all those who have followed their desire to find natural power and energy in the Nock Mountains. It encourages you to stop and linger every day and opens up inspiring oases and sources of energy to you, also known as chakras. Chakras are energy centres that exist in both humans and space, between heaven and earth. Their aim is to promote the flow of life energy and to release blockages.

Vertrauen Sie auf die Kraft der Chakren

The man-made Elf Garden harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding biosphere reserve of the Nock Mountains. Just like the elves, who are said to have magical powers and, according to legend, bring people closer to nature, the Elf Garden blends in seamlessly with the holistic philosophy of the Ronacher.

Trust in the power of the chakras

In our Garden of Eden, you can find enchanting elf statues, each of them referring to a particular chakra place in the garden.

Chakras are energy centres in the human body that play a significant role in various spiritual teachings. Special chakra places – or power places – in the garden help us release inner blockages and allow the energy to flow freely again. This requires mindfulness and dedication.

Joie de vivre
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