Thermal LOVE = true love

Set in the idyllic town of Bad Kleinkirchheim, the hotel Das Ronacher was shining in the warm spring sun. Here, two singles met for the first time not expecting that Thermal LOVE would turn into true love.

Sophia, a fun-loving woman, had decided to take a spa break at the Hotel Ronacher to escape the hectic city life. On her first evening, her eyes fell on an attractive stranger called Luca who was enjoying the hot thermal springs.

Luca, a charming architect, had also decided to relax at the Hotel Ronacher after a turbulent separation. His first impression of Sophia was that she was shining like the sun at sunrise.

When they bumped into each other at the SPA, they began to chat. Their shared love for wellness and relaxation seemed to create a special bond between them. They decided to spend their days together, chatting by the pool, enjoying the massages, and laughing about little anecdotes from their lives.


On clear nights, after dinner, they would walk through the town, look at the stars, and share their deepest dreams and hopes. Luca even played his guitar while Sophia was dancing under the stars.

The days flew by, and it was time to say goodbye. But when they hugged in front of the hotel, their bond had already become so strong. They knew, this could turn into something special.

Sophia returned to the city, but their hearts remained closely connected. Luca soon came to visit Sophia in her town, and they started to plan their future together. Their love for each other grew, not just for a moment, but it developed into the vision of a future together. What had started as Thermal LOVE at the Hotel Ronacher, turned into true love that changed the hearts of two singles forever.