Kärnten Card

The Kärnten Card is a tourist card that offers its holders a variety of discounts and free admission to a number of attractions and sights in the Carinthia region.

Free admission to attractions

With the Kärnten Card, you benefit from free admission to a wide range of cultural and tourist attractions, including museums, palaces, castles, and historic sites.

(summer only)

Free use of mountain railways:

The card allows free use of the mountain railways and cable cars in the region making it easier for hikers and nature lovers to reach stunning viewpoints and to access the hiking trails.

Free or discounted guided tours

Some tours and activities, such as guided hikes or bike tours, are free or available at a discount for Kärnten Card holder.

Use of public transport

The card allows free use of local public transport within Carinthia for the duration of your stay.


The exact benefits and conditions of the Kärnten Card may vary from year to year. Therefore, it is advisable to check the official website or contact the local tourist information offices for the current offers. The Kärnten Card is a fantastic way to explore the diversity and beauty of the Carinthia region while benefitting from a multitude of advantages.

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