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The story of wellbeing

The Ronacher holiday family

For generations, the Ronacher Family has been running the hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim with a dedicated team of staff. From its opening more than 100 years ago to the present day, the hotel has been synonymous with wellness, spa, thermal springs from St. Kathrein, gourmet cuisine, and cultural commitment well-known far beyond the borders of Carinthia.

Today, the hotel is run by Simone and Markus Ronacher, dedicated and passionate hosts. To them, the wellbeing of their staff is vital: “Our guests will only feel comfortable if our team enjoy working.” Appreciation is the key word here at the Ronacher Thermal Spa Hotel. Our team of long-standing staff is proof that every one of them feels like a member of the family.

A glance into the past

The history of the Ronacher Hotel is inextricably linked with the thermal spring of Bad Kleinkirchheim. As early as the Middle Ages, people went on pilgrimages to the healing spring at St. Kathrein Church. The “Badwirt“, as the Ronacher was once called, played a central role in its history.

In 1908, Elise and Hans Ronacher acquired the “Kurhaus“, refurbished it, and reopened it in 1911 featuring 50 beds. After temporarily closing it due to the war, Frieda and Alberta Ronacher reopened the ”world-famous thermal spa“ in 1922.

The business continued to be developed in the 1960s and 1970s when Günther Ronacher expanded the hotel to include 160 beds

In 1991, Markus Ronacher took over the family business from his parents Günther and Helga Ronacher.

In 2001, the Ronacher thermal spa and wellbeing oasis was created featuring 5 thermal pools, a sauna village, and a meditation centre.

In 2002, Simone Maier and Markus Ronacher got married, and their daughter Sophie was born in December of the same year.

In 2003/04, Simone took over the management of “Hotel Ronacher“ while Markus managed the hotel ”Die Post“. In March, both won the Bertelsmann Printing Group’s ”Hotelier of the Year“ award.

In 2009, the Ronacher marked its 100th anniversary honoured with a laudatory speech delivered by Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer.

In 2011, the gourmet ”Genuss-Shop“ and the in-house production facility were opened, scooping Gault Millau’s  “Golden Tea Leaf“ award.

In 2011, the KULTURGASTSPIELE culture festival took place for the first time, with stars from stage, film and television performing on the Ronacher festival stage.

In 2013, the Ronacher received the ”5 Star Diamond Award“, the highest honour in the hotel industry, awarded by the ”American Academy of Hospitality Sciences“ in New York. The laudatory speech was delivered by Oscar winner Maximilian Schell.

In 2019, the Ronacher was further expanded to include a fun exercise centre, including the first PHYSIO GYM IN EUROPE as well as a multimedia library and a yoga & meditation centre

Focus on sustainability

For generations, we have been living in harmony with nature at DAS RONACHER Thermal Spa Resort. The healing thermal spring below St. Kathrein Church is the heart of our feel-good-place.

110 years of hospitality – tradition and vision are carefully passed on to future generations.

Shopping: Regional products & regional food

Ronacher SLOW FOOD

In our gourmet kitchen, we use fresh, local produce and suppliers to prepare delicious meals. From organic eggs to dairy products from the local organic dairy – we rely on quality from the region.

Energy supply

We heat in a climate-friendly way using biomass while relying on renewable energies to reduce our dependence on global energy sources.

Investment 2021: Photovoltaics

GREEN electricity through solar energy

With our photovoltaic system, we generate clean electricity on site thus contributing to the transition of energy.

Nachhaltig Urlauben mit besonderen Naturerlebnissen

Holiday programme

Our nature experiences promote the understanding of the environment and the beauty of the region.


GO GREEN – the Ronacher sustainability

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