The power of self-care. Boosting health from within

Wellness for all senses – with Ronacher beauty and health experts

At Das Ronacher you will experience wellness as a holistic concept encompassing all senses and all parts of the body, from head to toe, including skin and hair. Our focus is on sports, fitness, health (with a wide range of massages and health treatments), as well as beauty and cosmetics. In our first-class SPA, a professional team will make sure that your stay at the Ronacher is not only relaxing, but also rejuvenating. You are in for a unique experience in our spacious SPA treatment rooms where you can immerse yourself in a world of relaxation. Treat yourself and your wellbeing to this extraordinary experience.


From time to time, it is important to treat not only your soul and spirit, but also your skin, face, and the entire body to some well-deserved relaxation. The Ronacher team of experts is made up of experienced hands – be it for a massage, a facial, a pedicure or a manicure, a quality mask and much more. Our dedicated SPA team ensures that each treatment is fully effective. It’s me-time when you will feel the positive effects on body and mind.

Health & beauty in harmony

classic, ultrasound, firming and more.

Beauty treatments:
manicure, sugaring, new hairstyle and more.

Treatments for him:
special care for men’s skin.

Baths & packs:
from detox foot bath to hay flower pack.

rejuvenating facials.

Fat burning:
permanent weight loss for a great figure

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Shirodhara – oil forehead pouring

€ 136,- for 60 min.
Abhyanga & Shirodhara combination:
€ 249,- for 120 min.

Mukabhyanga – ayurvedic facial massage

€ 68,– for 25 Min.

Nabhi Marma – ayurvedic abdominal massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Shirobhyanga – ayurvedic head-, neck- and shoulder massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Padabhyanga – ayurvedic foot massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Prishta Abhyanga – ayurvedic back massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Garshan massage – silk glove massage

€ 99,– for 45 Min.

Udvartana massage – ayurvedic exfoliation

€ 106,– for 45 Min.

Classic Abhyanga – full body oil massage

€ 142,– for 75 Min.

Sports massage

€ 98,– for 50 Min.

Hot stone therapy USA

€ 102,– for 50 Min.
€ 136,– for 75 Min.

Shiatsu Japan

€ 98,– for 50 Min.
€ 132,– for 75 Min.