NEW: AQUA FITNESS with our fitness coach

Use the energy of water …

We are so fortunate as to have access to our very own thermal spring, allowing us to pamper you with healing thermal water. Starting this summer, we will offer a new “water experience” with even more additional benefits for your health and beauty: Aqua Fitness!

Thanks to the water’s buoyancy and resistance, your muscular system will be strengthened, stretched and massaged, your agility and coordination improved, your cardiovascular system boosted, and your joints protected – benefit from the invigorating energy of water!

AQUA FITNESS with our fitness coach

BEboard Active – the floating fitness mat for water exercises. All muscle groups are in use at the same time, to keep the balance on board. Your balance will be trained, your body perception strengthened, and your coordination improved!

AquaBoxing – an intensive endurance workout to boost concentration and coordination. Special boxing gloves reinforce water resistance, your trainer supports your moves and the music sets the rhythm!

AquaCycling – an effective full-body workout on a water bike, suitable for all levels. Combining upper body and legs movements, a constant change of your seating position and pedalling input will promote endurance and coordination!

Send us your no-obligation enquiry or contact us by telephone +43 4240 282 and discuss your issue with our experts. We will be happy to advise you on suitable treatments and therapies.

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