Detox & Base fasting at Ronacher Health & SPA Resort

It is not having an abundance of food which is pleasurable; rather it is choosing food shrewdly. Our all-round healthy offers provide you with the right exercise - exercise which is relaxing, strengthening and which makes you fit for everyday life and able to enjoy new successes.

The health experts in the Ronacher combine treatments in keeping with your mind-set, to let your well-being aura shine.

Our team’s intensive specialist expertise in base fasting will ensure you get the best supervision and that your needs will be dealt thoughtfully. Those of you who confuse detoxifying treatments medical foot baths will be inspired by the sensual range of massages, baths and wraps available. A radiant complexion, invigorating vitality, along with a happy thirst for life are the ‘side effects’ which you will take away from Ronacher packs.

Guided base fasting weeks:
11th – 18th June 2017
24th September to 1st October 2017

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❄ Winter-Frühbucher-Bonus im RONACHER … mit tollen Vorteilen! ❄

08.08.2017 09:53

❄ Winter-Frühbucher-Bonus im RONACHER … mit tollen Vorteilen! ❄

UND das mitten im Sommer … Kaum zu glauben, jetzt genießen wir gerade einmal den Sommer und in knapp…

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