Immerse yourself

in one of our 5 Ronacher Thermal pools

We offer varying approaches, to bring balance back to your body. Immerse yourself in the invigorating healing properties of the thermal water, active swimming or gentle relaxing with the hydro jet massage, or floating in the brine bath. All pools at the Therme hotel are fed by the in-house source and have a deeply healing, relaxing benefit.

The Classic – Thermal- Indoor pool (32 °)
Enjoy the medicinal water all year around in one of the pools. The massage jets are pleasantly relaxing for the whole body - particularly for tight calf, thighs and back muscles.

HOT POT – Thermal-Massage-Pool (35 °)
Relax in the warm water while receiving a massage, sooth your muscles with the vibrating jets, and enjoy the higher energy of the fresh mountain air and the stunning view of the mountain panorama.

The Active – Thermal- Outdoor Pool (30 °)
The 18 meter outdoor pool is open all year round offering plenty of space for all.

The Relaxed – Thermal- Brine Pool (35 °)
This is by far the most popular pool at the Ronacher surrounded by the stunning Nock Mountains rocks. Float on your back, inhale the fresh mountain air, under the open sky and feel the support of the thermal brine with gentle underwater music playing in the background.

The Cool one – Thermal- Cold pool (18 °)
Perfect and invigorating after the Sauna. Feels like jumping into a fresh mountain lake.

Romantic for 2 - with VALENTINE BONUS!
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Pure relaxation at Hotel Ronacher

Ronacher relaxing days
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