St. Kathrein healing thermal water

Healing thermal water directly from the Crypt

The source of the thermal water in Bad Kleinkirchheim rises in the crypt below the St. Kathrein church and has been scientifically proven to be a place of great power.

The great power of St. Kathrein

Explore the invigorating effects of the thermal water at the Hotel Ronacher. Our St. Kathrein water has a natural temperature of 36 ° C and is rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Originally famous for healing eye diseases, the  numerous healing benefit go far beyond that.

e.g. promoting Anti-inflammation, supporting and stabilising circulation, strengthening the immune system, helping with rheumatism and all issues of the muscular skeleton system, supporting rehabilitation after operations, and deep relaxation and more.

Powerful Healing

Host Simone Ronacher: “I feel the intense power of our healing thermal water and energy in the crypt of the St. Kathrein church, I am always happy to linger for a few minutes and take a sip of the water. The crypt, where the sacred fountain of youth has been flowing for 1,000 years, has always been a special place of strength and worship.

Beauty expert Erika Mauschitz: “Loves the soothing eye bath. The unique treatment is available at the thermal water fountain in the SPA area. You will be amazed how beautiful your eyes sparkle afterwards."

Immerse yourself in the thermal water in combination with the innovative Aqua Fitness program and recognise the powerful invigorating effects – during this activating work out which is surprisingly gentle for the joints.

Healing Ayurveda meets mindful yoga
from EUR 817.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
from EUR 386.- per person

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