Philipp Lane:
Fitness Coach & Yoga Teacher

Celebrating the joy of life is during this sacred shamanic sauna ceremony. The heart opening spirit of the cocoa releases blockages and connects us with the soul.


Sauna combined with a Cacao ceremony is a heart opening experience reconnecting us with nature and ourselves, releasing blockages, improving the   function of the heart, relaxing blood vessels and decreases stress.

Philipp Lane about the ceremony: "When I started working with cocoa I never expected what an impact it would have. The spirit and transforming energy of cocoa touched my heart. I never lost the ongoing fascination with this sacred medicine. I feel honoured to share the potent rituals at the stunning Ronacher sauna village.“


Secrets of the sacred shamanic tradition

With over 1200 different ingredients, magnesium, cacao has the  highest naturally occurring source of chromium,  copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulphur, iron, and phosphorous, an incredible super food. Made and processed by the Ashaninka’s in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, who have been traditionally cultivating organic cocoa for several thousand years.

Philipp Lane: “We live in a time of constant change. Old norms & structures lose their validity. Therefore, it is essential to reconnect with ourselves and our own inner wisdom. Ceremonial cocoa contains exactly the balance of nutrients that we need to gain strength, become healthier and more vital through our everyday life. The time has come, the changes are noticeable and we are on the way to explore a new ME!“

There is nothing more rewarding then inviting you to experience the" intuitive infusion” During a ceremony with a sacred cocoa at the Ronacher sauna.

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