Alpine cabin Sauna village

at the Therme Hotel in the Alps

From the wellness reception walk through the grotto to reach the sauna village. Guiding you into a world of relaxation and well-being.

Sweating for Health

Please explore, among other things our steam sauna, the exclusive bio sauna and the relaxing amethyst grotto. After the sauna, cool off in the sauna pool at 16 – 18 °. Another highlight is Austria's first thermal brine pool, which lets you float emerged with underwater music.

Mountain cabin sauna & pine wood sweat lodge

Activate your immune system in the pine wood sweat lodge and explore our fantastic 2 story cabin sauna village. Sauna Enthusiast enjoy the 100 °C sweat lodge on the first floor.
The 60 °C pine wood sweat lodge is for those preferring slightly milder temperatures. Traditionally pine wood needle oils haven been used since centuries to improve and strengthen the immune system.

Private Light-, Aroma- and Sound sauna

There is only one– private Light-, Aroma- and Sound sauna in Austria. This fascinating experience was developed in cooperation with the University of Graz. During which music is themed and synchronised with enchanting colours. This combination has a positive effect on our mind and the synapses in the brain. The coloured light unfolds the restorative healing benefits. From the brass kettle, hanging above the rustic sauna oven, soothing aromas, in tune with the colours, create a bliss full environment for two.

Amethyst grotto & Sauna lounge

The Amethyst assemblage on the walls unfold a mesmerising aura. The radiating purple stones remove excess energy and ooze soothing relaxation.

The tranquil oasis inside Sauna Park, offers spectacular mountain panorama, with comfortable lounge and reading areas.

Swiss Stone Pine and steam sauna (with bathing costume)

The Swiss Stone Pine sauna and brine steam cabin are reserved for those who prefer to cover up.

The open fire place inside the Swiss Stone Pine sauna creates a soothing aroma ideal to reduce the blood pressure and the brine steam cabin pleasurable sweating. Adding healing salt during strengthen and activate the immune system even further.

Peaceful Solace…

Lounge on our "Dondolo-Loungers", on the lawns or inside the Meditation house to regain natural equilibrium.

Early Summer 4-Day Bonus
from EUR 772.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
from EUR 386.- per person

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