Heavenly infusions with sauna world champion Bernd Gritschacher

Bespoke Sauna-Ceremonies in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Every year Bernd Gritschacher demonstrates his skills for a few weeks at Hotel Das Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim - for the healing benefit for our guests looking for relaxation in the Carinthian Nockberg Mountains.

YEAR CHANGE 2021/2022:

Wednesday, 29 December & Thursday, 30 December 2021
Sunday, 2 January & Monday, 3 January 2022
Wednesday, 5 January & Thursday, 6 January 2022

  • 4:00 pm “Christmas walk” - a fragrance experience
  • 5:00 pm “The wheel of time” - the old year goes by, a new year begins


every SUNDAY: 30.01. / 06.02. / 02/13 / 20.02. / 27.02.2022

  • 4:00 pm “Winter Walk” - winter scents from the Nock region
    5:00 pm “Mediterranean Dreams” - musical journey to the south

Unforgettable Sauna-Experiences in Carinthia

The art of sauna ritual and infusions requires a lot of understanding about the body's reactions and functions under conditions such as heat, steam and cold. Bernd Gritschacher has been studying the process for years. His bespoke infusion rituals are enriched by his signature techniques, using only natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils.

The infusions themes are very interesting too: mountaineer infusion, China man infusion, Chakra infusion, pine needle infusion, singing bowl infusion or colour therapy infusion. Enjoy the diverse creative ritual and infusions in the fantastic setting of the Ronacher sauna village. The 2-story alpine cabin sauna and the fir sweat room are the main areas of our infusion expert.

from EUR 789.- per person

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Romantic specials for 2 - with VALENTINE BONUS!
from EUR 765.- per person

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