The „Original royal Thai“ massages

The Healing Art from Thai experts

Try different treatments from all over the world such as the original royal Thai massage. Our certified Thai masseurs, with their golden hands, are looking forward to welcome you.

Unique in Austria – The royal Thai Massage

Simone Ronacher, like her mother Johanna Maier, maintains excellent contacts with the Thai royal family. The top Austrian chef has cooked for the royal family. The cultural exchange led to the engagement of our Thai massage therapists.

Origin and history

The art of Thai massage has been practiced for centuries and has originally been developed by a North Indian doctor, the former personal physician of Buddha -Javika Kumar Bhacca. Known as the "father of medicine“ in Thailand. In their homeland, the original name is "Nuad Phaen Boran", which means "ancient healing touch".

What is so special about a Thai Massage?

"Thai Yoga Massage", is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, with Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Using powerful rhythmic movements, to stimulate blocked energy channels, using the balls of their hands, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet.
Tensions and blockages gradually give way to a holistic feeling of relaxation, penetrating deeply into body and soul. The "Original Royal Thai Massage", which is carried out without oil, takes place wearing comfortable clothes, lying on a mat on the floor.

Traditional Thai Massage are recommended for: 

  • Muscle tensions and blockages

  • Back pain, neck & shoulder problems

  • Headache & Migraine

  • Stress, sleep disorders and slow digestiv

€ 102,– for 50 mins. | € 132,– for 75 mins.

Original Thai Foot Massage

Gentle strokes slight stretches and acupressure are used to soften the feet and shins. Scented aromatherapy oils complete this heavenly treatment.

Thai foot massage benefits: 

  • Improves circulation

  • Relieves tired and heavy legs

  • Stimulates the lymphatic drainage circulation

  • Boosts the Immune system

  • Improves mobility of the feet

  • Promotes restful sleep and improves digestion

  • Helps to treat chronic sinus problems

€ 98,– for 50 mins.

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