Special & Energetic massage treatments

Healing detoxification

Explore the new holistic treatments in the SPA Hotel in Carinthia, tailored to your meet your personal needs. Our natural raw products such as the organic honey, alpine herbs, algae or the finest oils have been carefully selected to unfold their healing properties.


  • Honey massage – Detoxifying back massage
    for strengthening and revitalising the whole organism, cleaning the skin and improving circulation, purification and detoxification, eliminating deposits, strengthening the immune system, relaxing and calming in the event of regulatory disturbances. During the massage, dead cells, salts and toxins are removed in the form of yellowish or grey secretions. The honey massage is a real jewel. The high-quality honey contains acetylcholine, a tissue hormone which has a positive effect on the heart, digestive system and kidneys, as well as glucose, fructose, water, enzymes, vitamins and mineral traces. The organism absorbs all these valuable substances via the skin during the honey massage.
    € 102,– for 50 mins.

  • Stamp massage for mental wellbeing and relaxation
    This special massage uses the innovative stamp technique to gently penetrate the lower skin levels with high-quality oils such as almond, sesame and jojoba which contain valuable substances.

    • Alpinherbs: improve the circulation, providing relief for tense muscles
    • Old India: improves the circulation and cares for the skin

€ 109,– for 50 mins.

  • Physiotherapy
    It plays an important role in pain therapy, rehabilitation and prevention as well as in the treatment of injuries. This specific form of integral body therapy consists of manual techniques, massages, mobilisation, fascia therapy, electro-therapy, taping and exercises. More here ...
    € 62,– for 25 mins. | € 98,– for 50 mins. | € 132,– for 75 mins.

  • Shiatsu Japan
    The word Shiatsu is composed of two concepts in Japanese, with ‘SHI’ meaning ‘finger’ and ‘AT SU’ meaning ‘pressure’. Shiatsu is a manual body therapy which originates from Asia and serves to harmonise the flow of life energy (Chi). Steady pressure is exerted along precisely defined energy lines (meridians) using fingers, the ball of the thumb, elbows and also the feet in order to eliminate blockages and to ensure that body energy flows harmoniously.
    € 98,– for 50 mins. | € 132,– for 75 mins.

  • Hot Stone – therapy USA
    An old shamanistic treatment method which involves the therapist using a combination of manipulation and massage with hot stones.
    € 102,– for 50 mins. | € 132,– for 75 mins.

  • Sports massage
    The main objective of any sports massage is to prevent sports-related injuries. Depending on the type of sports massage, the focus is on activating, loosening, or rejuvenating the muscles. This strengthens the connective tissue, increases the oxygen supply, helps drain waste products from the body, and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
    € 98,– for 50 min.

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