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The knowledge of life from India & Sri Lanka

The great variety of Ayurvedic massages will not only support your health, because the ageing process is also slowed down. Ayurveda is an absolute fountain of youth for your body, spirit and soul.

  • Classic Abhyanga - Full-body oil massage
    Experience yourself anew and look great! The classic Abhyanga is the queen of Ayurvedic massages. This holistic treatment is balsam for body, mind and soul. It has a rejuvenating, regenerating effect on the body and a harmonising effect on the soul. The warm oil, chosen to suit your particular dosha, and the flowing massage and stroking movements impart a feeling of inner warmth and security.
    € 142,– for 75 mins.

  • Udvartana-Massage - Ayurvedic peeling
    For this full-body massage, special herbal powders and oils to suit your skin type are massaged into the skin. The massage has a tissue-reducing effect. Udvartana is an excellent, very soothing full-body peeling which lifts, stimulates and purifies the connective tissue. This treatment is particularly recommended for Kapha constitutions and problem zones such as cellulite.
    € 106,– for 45 mins.

    This treatment is best booked in the morning – it stimulates the metabolism & generates energy for the day.

  • Garshan-Massage - Silk glove massage
    The special massage for dry and sensitive skin. Well-groomed Indian women knew about this massage centuries ago. Ayurvedan Garshan massage helps to maintain healthy and youthful skin. The dry massage with raw silk gloves stimulates the metabolism in a lively way, makes the skin soft as the result of the peeling effect and imparts a wonderful glow.
    € 99,– for 45 mins.

  • Prishta Abhyanga - Ayurvedic back massage
    This massage has an especially relaxing effect on all the back muscles. Here, the warm oil with its enlivening, circulationpromoting aromas develops its full effect. After this treatment, not only the back, but also the whole person feels lighter and freer.
    € 99,– for 45 mins.

  • Nabhi Marma - Ayurvedic abdominal massage
    This massage has a relaxing effect, calms and promotes healthy sleep. The Nabhi-Marma massage leads us to the innermost roots of our being. It facilitates deep relaxation and creates a wonderful connection to our cognitive memory. The gentle nature of the physical contact releases fine matter energy bottlenecks.
    The immune system and inner organs, especially the digestive organs, are strengthened and restored to balance and harmony.
    € 99,– for 45 mins.

    This treatment is very good in combination with Shiroabhyanga massage.

  • Shirobhyanga - Ayurvedic head, shoulder and neck massage
    Enjoy a vitalising head, shoulder and neck massage with all your senses. Gentle touching of the energy points
    has a harmonising and activating effect on the internal organs, and the entire head area is freed of emotional
    and mental ballast. This massage has a calming effect on the nervous system but simultaneously enlivens the
    senses, i.e. it enhances the senses of smell, vision and hearing.
    € 99,– for 45 mins.

  • Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic foot massage
    Beautiful feet throughout life! Feet are high on the agenda in Ayurvedic treatments. They carry us through life and deserve loving treatment. The Ayurvedic foot and leg massage has an especially positive effect on all the organs as the result of stimulation of the energy points. It promotes circulation of the fine matter energy flow and results in deep relaxation. The foot massage has a stress-reducing, sleep-promoting, mood-enhancing effect and generates a feeling of wellbeing throughout the body. Massaging the legs including the knees provides relief and keeps tendons and joints supple.
    € 99,– for 45 mins.

  • Mukabhyanga - Ayurvedic facial massage
    A beautifying facelift using the energy of the hands. A wonderfully relaxing facial massage with fragrant, soothing organic oils awaits you. Gentle stimulation of the energy points and stroking movements impart a stress-busting and mood-enhancing effect. Good circulation makes the skin glow, and facial features appear softer and younger.
    € 68,– for 25 mins.

  • Shirodhara - Pouring oil over the forehead
    Enjoy heavenly deep relaxation! A well-tempered flow of oil is poured evenly over the forehead. Pouring oil over the forehead promotes a unique deep relaxation and cleaning for body, mind and soul. It has a particularly stress-busting effect, thereby making it possible to achieve inner harmony, satisfaction and joie de vivre.
    € 136,– for 60 mins. | Combined Abhyanga & Shirodhara: € 249,– for 120 mins.

    We recommend having an Abhyanga treatment first. Shirodhara is not suitable as an initial treatment.

An individual cure programme for 3 to 7 days
Our therapist will select the right kind of cure programme for 3 to 7 days from our Ayurveda offer. This programme can also be combined with a relaxing Thai massage and other professional health applications.

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