Finding equanimity: RELAX
Relaxation for body and soul in the mellow Carinthian Nockberge.

Conscious relaxation is just as important as cardio training and endurance training for a fit body. Helping you get a well-adjusted spirit and a healthy body.

Whether during AQUA, BALANCE, CARDIO, RELAX or POWER – you will always experience very special moments during your holiday in Carinthia!


Ronacher‘s Physio Gym: The “Skyline Stretching Circle”

High-performance sportsmen and -women have known this for a long time: To train a muscle effectively, stretching and mobility are what counts. The sports equipment made of birch-wood at “Skyline” are good insulators of body warmth. They absorb it and create a pleasant sensation during fascia training. This is especially important after disc operations.

  • Fascia Training

  • Sports Stretch, Body Styling, Stretch & Relax

  • Progressive muscle relaxation and breathing exercises

  • Pleasant sauna infusions by our shaman

Whether during fascia training or during breathing exercises you will experience tremendous relaxation during your wellness holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Discover our current all-inclusives or receive information on our personal relaxation offer during your non-binding holiday request.

Our up-to-date PHYSIO GYM for prevention and for support before and after joint operations!
This will be paid by your supplementary insurance.

Pure relaxation at Hotel Ronacher

Ronacher relaxing days
from EUR 739.- per person

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Sleep tight! ... at DAS RONACHER
from EUR 650.- per person

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