Feel the very special power of our healing thermal water with AQUA, one of the 5 central elements of the 5 x FITTER programme

Our daily movement and activity programme at the hotel is free of charge and comprises 5 mutually adjusted elements which ensure holistic individual wellbeing. You choose your perfect wellness programme entirely according to your own preferences from the elements BALANCE, POWER, RELAX, AQUA or CARDIO.


Experience the healing, pleasant and health-promoting effects of the exclusive thermal spring

Physical fitness and mental health are as diverse as every one of us is and this is reflected in our 5x FITTER programme.

Thermal water not only brings health and supports regeneration. It is also the best environment for a very special sport programme: AQUA FITNESS!

  • Aqua Cycling
    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cycling professional, the combination of leg movements and training of your chest and back on the water bicycle is an effective full body training programme.

  • Aqua BEboard
    Floating on the water brings health and wellbeing. All muscle groups are active during the training on the BEboard as you move to retain your balance.

  • Aqua Nordic Walking
    Equipped with special Aqua Nordic Walking sticks you train all muscle groups in the water as you do in Nordic Walking. This improves your resilience and mobility as well as your coordination and metabolism.

  • Aqua Fitness
    The physical properties of the water make it a perfect medium for the gentle improvement of your resilience, vigour and mobility.

Experience the power of water during your holiday in Hotel Ronacher! Whether entirely relaxed in the thermal pools or active with our AQUA FITNESS programme – a time out with the 5 x FITTER – AQUA will simply make you feel good!

The super-modern PHYSIO-GYM for prevention and for the pre- and after-care of joint operations! You may claim the expense from your health insurance.

Healing Ayurveda meets mindful yoga
from EUR 817.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
from EUR 386.- per person

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