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Holistic Holiday Concepts 5 times FITTER

A vacation at THE RONACHER, is the perfect opportunity to take a conscious break from everyday life. In addition to our comprehensive wellness modules, we offer advanced modern fitness and everything else for a perfect active holiday. Mental and physical health and fitness are essential for a satisfied lifestyle. Together with our dedicated team of experts you will achieve your personal goals.

Get five times fitter with our integrated 5 x FITTER Training
based on the 5 coordinated pillars: 
, CARDIO, RELAX, POWER and BALANCE. Guests are invited to create their own personal training program. Every person is unique and has individual desires when it comes to exercise and relaxation.


Bespoke fitness training during your vacation

Relax, move, enjoy and improve your overall health and fitness –  all subjects very close to our host Simone Ronacher’s heart, leading to the opening of our new PHYSIO GYM, which is unique in Austria. Efficiency, guaranteed success and professional support are essential.
The 1st Physio-Gym in Europe offers intelligent personal training on over 200 m². Focusing on BALANCE, STRETCHING, FASCIA MOVEMENT, STRENGTH & CARDIO.

Our in-house experts use the advanced equipment to create individual fitness programs, saving the training details on a personal guest chip card.

Our tip: Our advanced medical PHYSIO-GYM is ideal for preventive treatments before and for rehabilitation after joint surgeries. Tailored invoice options for your private health insurance are available upon request.

Early Summer 4-Day Bonus
from EUR 772.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
from EUR 386.- per person

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