Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Release tension and increase flexibility

At Hotel Ronacher, our team of health experts looks after your physical well-being, offering a wide range of very powerful holistic treatments and therapies.

Physiotherapy - how it works
Physiotherapy is a science-based healthcare profession that promotes recovery in illness, injury or disability. It aims to restore movement and functional ability to the person’s full potential.

Physiotherapy helps:

  • before and after joint surgery
  • after injuries and accidents
  • improving movement restrictions
  • back problems
  • relieve muscular hardening and tensions
  • preventive care

All Physiotherapeutic treatments can be successfully combined with Fascia movement Therapy and individual massages as well as with individual training sessions in our advanced PHYSIO-GYM.


Ortho-bionomy is a holistic body and energy treatment. Gentle, painless impulses activate and support your self-healing powers. This allows your body to recognize and release muscular tension and movement Ortho-bionomy is used to alleviate chronic pain associated with injuries, muscle and joint problems, and arthritis; reduce stress; increase circulation; enhance relaxation, and improve problems of posture or structural alignment.
Its gentle technique is recommended for acute pain and rehabilitative injuries. Ortho-bionomy is incorporated into other healing treatments. For example, massage therapists may use this technique to relieve knotted muscles.

We offer different options to settle your Ronacher preventive treatment programme, with your private health insurance company.


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