Our competence: Your health

Holistic treatments and customised therapies

A holiday at Hotel Ronacher will always give you relaxation and peace for the soul and regeneration for the spirit. Health, however, is equally important: In the past decades, the hotel has developed into a health centre with comprehensive and up-to-date know-how in all matters related to Spa, Wellness and, above all, preventive health care. Because, after all: being healthy is the most precious thing in life.

The offer in this area was expanded phenomenally. What we are talking about is not simply a health resort treatment or a simple health holiday, but a time-out during which healthy life quality is key: Pleasure without remorse, comprehensive information and medical analyses, personal attention and, of course, state-of-the-art equipment.

Our Preventive Health Care Offers

Physiotherapy, Yoga and Movement

The highly skilled team of our hotel physiotherapists always takes the personal physiological and anatomical conditions of each guest into account to carefully design a highly effective exercise and movement therapy treatment plan. Yoga and massages always improve mobility and our sense of wellbeing. Our daily movement & Yoga classes and offers are free of charge for our guests to enjoy!

Burn Out-Prevention

Increasing daily stress is a phenomenon that we all experience at one point during our life. It is important to prevent, we suggest during your holidays, so that side effects of the often very stressful modern life don’t lead to serious health problems. Our team of health experts with the healing surrounding nature, of magnificent Austria, offer the advanced holistic combination of highly successful Burn Out-Prevention treatments and programs.

Individual Treatment and Therapies

Please get in touch if you are interested in one of our advanced holistic preventive programs, such as detox, recovery after illness and all other health concerns. Our team of highly professional health experts and specialists is looking forward to hearing from you and support you in any way.

Tip: We are offering a service to discuss different invoicing options, for your preventive health care plans, according to the requirements of your private medical insurance company.

Early Summer 4-Day Bonus
from EUR 772.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
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