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The first PHYSIO-GYM in Europe is waiting for you

“Spectacular PHYSIO GYM“ The innovative equipment of the 1st PHYSIO-GYM in Europe offers on more than 200 m² everything you need and desire to improve your movement and performance.

The "Balori" training system dramatically improves reaction, balance and precision. Virtual 3D instructions, combined with over 2000 sensors points on the training platform are creating a straightforward training session. After just five minutes, the “Balori" devise calculates the balance and responsiveness levels between the right and left sides of your body and brain!

More STRETCHING and Fascia Training
Skyline's flexibility circle (made of organic birch wood) is an agility concept improving mobility, balance and overall fitness through targeted muscle and fascia workout, relieving complaints of the muscular skeleton system.

Movens is a renowned effective, time-efficient and healthy whole body workout for all age groups. Due to the special hydraulic resistance transmitter, the Movens fitness circle enables a training feeling like being immersed in the water. Introduction & application by our trained therapists. (€ 98, - for 50 minutes)

MORE CARDIO vascular health
Carinthia’s Nockberg Mountains – is a paradise for cardiovascular training. Use your time-out in Bad Kleinkirchheim for your specific cardio training and choose from 5 TIMES FITTER – CARDIO offers available.


Our highly skilled RONACHER Therme & Spa Resort Physiotherapist, Osteopaths and 12 holistic health experts are offering superior FITNESS & MOVEMENT, BACK and JOINT CARE, REPULSE & FASCIA TRAINING, YOGA & MEDITATION and support during the DYNOSTICS analysis.

We offer different options to settle your Ronacher preventive treatment programme, with your private health insurance company.

Healing Ayurveda meets mindful yoga
from EUR 817.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
from EUR 386.- per person

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