Ronacher’s advanced Wellbeing

Our competent team of therapists is looking forward to welcome you at our Panorama SPA with beautiful mountain views creating a sense of calm, offering best quality soothing individual treatments and therapies.

  • Localised body massage
    Particularly advisable for tense back and shoulder muscles. Before having your massage, we recommend a natural mudpack.
    € 56,– for 25 mins.

  • Classical whole-body massage
    Relaxes tense muscles, stimulates the circulation and promotes deep relaxation.
    € 89,– for 50 mins. | Whole body special: € 132,– for 75 mins.

  • Reflexology massage
    Activates self-healing process in the organs of the body via reflex points on the sole and back of the foot. This technique relaxes all the organs and muscles, stimulates the circulation and is especially beneficial for migraines and digestive disorders.
    € 69,– for 25 mins.

  • Combined massage
    A localised massage for the back and reflexology are combined.
    € 92,– for 50 mins.

  • Lymph drainage
    This gentle and light massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system, decongests and drains the system in this way.
    € 59,– for 25 mins. | € 89,– for 50 mins.

  • Aroma oil massage
    Essential oils are massaged gently into your skin. They revitalise and harmonise body, mind and spirit, and provide and wonderful feeling of intense relaxation.
    € 92,– for 50 mins.

Our team of handpicked therapists strives to provide you with the most suitable massage treatment to suit all your personal needs and requirements.

Tip: Ronacher is the only Austrian resort offering the 3 divine Original Royal Thai-massages.

Early Summer 4-Day Bonus
from EUR 772.- per person

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Arrive early & stay a while
from EUR 386.- per person

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