Fat burning

Helps lose weight and gives you a great figure

The many applications among which you can choose support weight reduction and help tighten your body. Alongside Body Wraps, Body Balancer and Body Detox, we also offer treatments which help you burn fat. With drainages, slenderness wraps and our up-to-date facilities success is already visible after only a few days.

Slimming compress
You will be wrapped tightly in bandages which are soaked in substances to match your skin’s requirements (mineral oil, seaweed or caviar) beforehand. These have a firming and detoxifying effect on the tissue.
€ 72,– for 50 mins.

Body Ballancer
Enjoy your full body workout lying down! The Ballancer boosts the metabolism just like a workout. Wearing a pair of compression trousers, the body is treated in wave-like massage movements contouring and shaping your body at the same time.

Your advantage:
° helps break down fat deposits and tackle cellulite
° tightens the skin of abdomen, legs, buttocks
° swelling, heaviness in legs disappears
€ 69,– for 50 mins.

TIP: Fascia roller combined with the Cryo Body Gel by Maria Galland to use at home.

Thalasso sea silt helps to break down fatty deposits and reduces cellulite.
€ 89,– for 50 mins.

Aroma oil pack
This treatment promotes weight reduction and helps to counteract cellulite and congestion in the tissue.
€ 69,– for 25 mins.

Pleasure and weight reduction at Hotel Ronacher

Plan your wellness holiday at Hotel Ronacher and use the opportunity to shed superfluous pounds. Have you already tried Base Fasting? It reduces your weight without making you hungry and can be very simply continued at home.

Should you have any questions please contact our staff at Hotel Ronacher: +43 4240 282.

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