Body Packs and Beneficial Baths

Bathing becomes a sensual pleasure. Dipping into the warm thermal water, the gorgeous fragrances and candle illuminations – enjoy pure relaxation. The therapeutic effect of the thermal water is enhanced with special natural products.

  • Beauty bath-Therapeutic bath
    with valerian/lavender, with rose petals, with rosemary, with whey and with rock oil.
    € 36,– for 25 mins.

  • Body detox electrolysis footbath
    Purifies and detoxifies the body, as well as restoring its alkaline balance, as the result of removing impurities. Boosts wellbeing and energy levels. Particularly recommended for: digestive disorders, rheumatism, irritation of mucous membranes, weakened immune system, lack of concentration, tiredness, sleeping problems, lymph blockages and obesity/cellulitis.
    € 56,– for 30 mins.

  • Aroma oil pack
    This treatment promotes weight reduction and helps to counteract cellulite and congestion in the tissue.
    € 52,– for 25 mins.

  • Thalasso-Therapy
    Thalasso sea silt helps to break down fatty deposits and reduces cellulite.
    € 76,– for 50 mins.

  • Comfort Spa Truffle
    Truffles are not only a culinary treat but also luxury food for the skin.
    € 52,– for 25 mins.

  • Comfort Spa Crystal
    Finely ground ruby dust soothes the skin and generates new vitality and energy.
    € 52,– for 25 mins.

  • Creme pack with goat butter and evening primrose oil
    This is a truly wonderful treatment for dry skin and skin which is easily irritated. Goat butter has an intensely moisturising and nourishing effect.
    € 52,– for 25 mins.

  • Natural mudpack
    Loosens the muscles, alleviates rheumatic symptoms, supports the treatment of spinal problems, stimulates the metabolism and has a locally relaxing effect.
    € 49,– for 6 packs

  • Hay pack
    In our alpine region, hay is a naturally occurring mixture of herbs. They have a crampdissolving and purifying effect, and help relieve the symptoms of disease of the inner organs and the digestive system.
    € 49,– for 6 packs

Treatments at Hotel Ronacher

In addition to body treatments and baths, you can also enjoy anti-aging treatments, fat-burning, face treatments, cosmetics and highly effective health applications at Hotel Ronacher.

Long Champagne Weekend
from EUR 670.- per person

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Pure relaxation at Hotel Ronacher

Ronacher relaxing days
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