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Ronacher‘s new PHYSIO GYM -“The playground for adults“

Need a health kick?
On the roof of the “Car Residence“, we build a fitness centre covering an area of over 200 m² that will offer everything to boost your mobility and fitness.

The innovative equipment fulfils every need and is adaptable to unique requirements. Grouped into the foci BALANCE, FASCIA STRETCHING, POWER & CARDIO, you can experience movement and fitness in the new Preventive Physio-Gym – fun and quick successes guaranteed. Our physiotherapists will program our devices to your individual needs with your training data stored on your personal chip card.

Experience the effect of the holistic time-out concept HEALTH FIT 5 by Ronacher!

The functional “balori e-coordination” training system serves to improve balance, reaction, and precision. The simple virtual 3D instructions on the monitor and the fitness plate with over 2000 sensors make coordination and balance training from head to toe child's play and great fun. After only 5 minutes of exercise "Balori" calculates your reaction speed and your balance between the left and right brain and body half!

Top athletes have known it for a long time: In order to train a muscle effectively, decent stretching and mobility are essential. Our unique training system from skyline supports these requirements with a variety of devices. Made of birch wood, the devices are good insulators of body heat, absorb it and create a pleasant feeling by your fascia training.

MORE for your POWER
The "Movens" fitness circle makes you feel as if you are training in water. It's a healthy and time-efficient whole-body workout for all muscle groups. On all 9 machines, you train almost playfully in 2 repetitions at 1 minute each. In 18 minutes you have individually trained all muscle groups.

… and MORE for your CARDIO
The new treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, wheels (even a racing bike is included), Gluteus trainers, ... are true top-of-the-range equipment from "Matrixfitness". You will discover a training experience that sets new standards. Special programs, such as you can choose the training environment and have the feeling: "Today I train with a view to St. Kathreins Church and tomorrow I walk along the sea.", as well as all TV channels and music programs will inspire you. The goal is always to train fast, effectively and with fun.

Simone Ronacher on the origins of the new PHYSIO GYM:

"More and more often, I see people in hotels whose musculoskeletal system is restricted by too much physical activity or wear and tear. This has instilled the great desire in us to create a movement centre that is fun and which serves to prevent accidents but also to prepare for operations.

We have been planning RONACHERS PHYSIO GYM for 3 years. Many planners and sports scientists have presented us with concepts. Until recently, no design seemed suitable enough to help us achieve the desired standard of maximum success for our guests.

However, this winter we should be presented with a real "treasure." Daryn Talker, who oversees numerous athletes of the Olympic Centre of Biathletes in Allgäu and leads 2 Gyms with 14 physiotherapists and coaches, convinced us with his 25 years of physiotherapeutic experience!

His concept for our idea emphasizes balance, stretching, strength, and endurance at the highest level. Always with the central premise: Little time expenditure combined with a lot of fun and maximum results!

From May 29, you can enjoy this global hotel innovation in combination with our healing thermal water in the new PHYSIO GYM. Visit us on the roof of the “Car Residence” while enjoying the views over the extensive gardens of the Ronacher.

... and in the opening months of June and July, to make your training even more effective, before handing you your training plan, we offer you the highly effective DYNOSTICS performance and metabolism analysis FREE of charge.

2 physiotherapists and 1 osteopath are looking forward to giving you more joie de vivre for everyday life."

But that’s not everything the “new“ Therme & Spa Resort has in store for you: The whole SPA RECEPTION area had a makeover and is looking brilliant. Discover the multimedia library “FIRST CLASS ROOM“, enjoy some culinary delights, casually dressed, at the new BATHROBE BISTRO, relax in the newly redesigned SPA LOUNGE and find your inner balance at the new YOGA & MEDITATION CENTRE …

Let us take you on a voyage of discovery …

Ronacher‘s multimedia library FIRST CLASS ROOM

Feel like flying "First Class" – high above the clouds ... experience and enjoy these unique comforts exclusively with us.

Relax in the 5 snug alcoves with screens to watch, for example, movies of your choice. Right next door, in the library with its open fireplace, you can browse through the most interesting books and beautiful pictorials on the topics of water, health, and beauty.

At two multimedia tables, all the newspapers in the world are available to "download", so you stay up-to-date during your holidays!

In the spa lounge, you can enjoy healthy delicacies and sweet treats. The SPA-shop will spoil you with innovations for your health.

On an oversized screen you can follow interesting news from Beauty and Wellness. Of course, we have our own doctor's room where you can ask questions to Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister (TCM & TEM expert), our 2 physiotherapists and the osteopath.

YOGA & MEDITATION CENTRE in the sauna garden

There will be a new fantastic retreat beyond the rose garden. At the new Yoga & Meditation Centre, it’s all about your mental and spiritual well-being. Through large glass sliding elements you can enjoy the magnificent view of our healthy nature and experience a special sense of well-being.

Combine wonderful relaxation in the thermal spa and sauna with efficient yoga and meditation-themed sessions, tailored entirely to your needs.


And as we want you to be extremely comfortable, we have created a special area for you right next to the hotel bar. Between relaxing in the thermal spa and going to the sauna, you can enjoy culinary delights (casually dressed in your bathrobe) all day until 5 pm.

You would like to experience personally the many newly designed hotel areas? Then there is only one thing: Book your Ronacher wellness holiday HERE!

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