Daybeds in the Ronacher garden
The new facia circle in the new PHYSIO GYM

Breathe and release. Leave all your worries behind and experience deep healing relaxation during your time in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Supported by our innovative daily fitness enhancing regime HEALTH FIT5.         

Our paths to physical and mental health are as individual as every human being – therefore all elements of our new, free of charge, HEALTH FIT5 program, are based on 5 coordinated health pillars: AQUA, CARDIO, POWER, RELAX or BALANCE. From which you are invited to choose your optimal feel-good program.

MORE for your STRETCHING in the new PHYSIO-GYM:
Top athletes have known it for a long time: In order to train a muscle effectively, decent stretching and mobility are essential. Our unique training system from skyline supports these requirements with a variety of devices. Made of birch wood, the devices are good insulators of body heat, absorb it and create a pleasant feeling by your fascia training.

Finding Peace - RELAX by Ronacher

Relaxation is as important as an active endurance workout for a well-balanced mind and healthy body. Discover better balance and peace, with our new HEALTH FIT5 program RELAX. Enjoy deep relaxation with precise stretching exercises to keep your body, joints and muscles flexible. Please choose from our carefully selected menu:

  • Fascia training program
  • Essential sport stretches, body styling
  • Stretch & relax exercises
  • Progressive muscle relaxation and breathing exercises

Deep Relaxation in the Mountains

Explore different methods of conscious relaxation in the magical surroundings of our hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Outside our hotel in nature you will find different opportunities to unwind and discover hidden sacred places. Enjoy the higher energy of the pure uncontaminated mountain air and impressive panorama and let your energy flow freely.

Our fascia training or gentle breathing techniques guide you deeper to enjoy moments of deep relaxation and stillness.

Please enquire if you wish to receive more details about our current packages or individual Ronacher offers. 

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