Winter & Snow shoe hiking and Ski touring in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Explore untouched slopes, idyllic valleys, snow-covered mountains bathed in sunlight -without carving skis; away from the busy slopes.

Winter walks and hiking
Enjoy solitude and peace and regain your inner balance along the 60 kilometres of our tranquil alpine winter tails.

Snowshoe hiking
Snowshoe hiking is probably the most enjoyable natural way to silently explore the pristine beautiful winter landscapes. Our winter Sports Coaches take you on delightful guided tours, explaining the very easy use and handling of this ancient form of winter transport.


Ski touring
Exploring untouched mountains areas with one of our experienced local guides. The ski schools in Bad Kleinkirchheim regularly offer guided ski tours. The equipment is easy to borrow. Nothing is holding you back to explore this peaceful experience for the first time!

Please ask our Ronacher reception to find out more about all other, off-piste, winter activities in and around our blissful region.

SUMMER Family special
from EUR 495.- per family

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SEPTEMBER-Bonus-Days 4=3
from EUR 603.- per person

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