Ayurveda – "life-knowledge" at your SPA hotel in Austria

Authentic Ayurveda from India and Sri Lanka

Ayurveda is a medicine that has grown over thousands of years and translated means "life-knowledge". People have never been exposed to as many external influences as today.

Thanks to the variety of Ayurvedic massages that we can offer you at the Ronacher, not only is your health boosted but the aging process is slowed down too. The breaking down of physical and psychological blockages is mobilised in a gentle way – Ayurveda is an absolute fountain of youth for the mind, body and soul.

Classic Abhyanga – full body oil massage

Shirodhara, head oil application for deep relaxation
Deep relaxation with Mrs. Sandra

Feel reinvigorated and look radiant! Classic Abhyanga is the Queen of Ayurvedic massages. This holistic treatment soothes the mind, body and soul. It is rejuvenating, regenerating and emotionally harmonising. The warm oil suited to your type and flowing grips and strokes give you a feeling of inner warmth and security.

€ 132,– für 75 Min.

Udvartana massage – Ayurvedic peel

Skin like velvet and silk! With this full body massage at Thermenhotel Ronacher in Austria special herbs, oils and ground grains suited to your type are worked into a paste and massaged in towards the heart. It stimulates the metabolism and circulation, but breaks down tissue (reduces fat) in particular. Udvartana is a superb, very moisturising full body peel which firms the connective tissue, stimulates and detoxifies.

Tip: It's best to book in the morning as it stimulates the metabolism and gives you energy for the day.

€ 94,– für 45 Min.

Garshan massage – silk glove massage

The smart Indian women already knew thousands of years ago that the Ayurvedic Garshan massage helps achieve healthy young skin. The dry massage using raw silk gloves stimulates the metabolism and circulation in an invigorating way, makes skin soft and supple thanks to the peeling effect and gives it a radiant appearance.

€ 88,– für 45 Min.

Prishta Abhyanga – Ayurvedic back massage

This massage relaxes all the back muscles in a special way. Warm sesame oil with warming, circulation-boosting fragrances releases its full effect here. Not just the back but the whole person feels lighter and freer after this treatment.

€ 88,– für 45 Min.

Nabhi Marma – Ayurvedic stomach massage

This massage relaxes, soothes and promotes healthy sleep. The Nabhi Marma massage leads us to our being's innermost roots. It is deeply relaxing and establishes a wonderful connection with our cognitive memory. Subtle energy blockages are cleared by gentle touch. It strengthens the immune system and inner organs, in particular the digestive organs, and brings them into balance and harmony.

Tip: Can be really well combined with the Ayurvedic back massage and the Shirobhyanga massage.

€ 88,– für 45 Min.

Shirobhyanga – ayurvedic head, shoulder and neck massage

Enjoy a revitalising head, shoulder and neck massage with all your senses. Inner organs are harmonised and activated and the entire head area is released from emotional and mental burdens by the gentle touching of energy points. On the one hand this massage soothes the nervous system but on the other hand it invigorates the senses, i.e. strengthens the senses of smell, sight and hearing.

€ 88,– für 45 Min.

Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage

Beautiful feet your whole life! Feet are shown great respect in Ayurveda. They carry us through our life and deserve to be treated lovingly. The Ayurvedic foot and leg massage has a particularly positive effect on all the organs by stimulating the energy points. It boosts the circulation of subtle energy flow and leads to deep relaxation. The foot massage reduces stress, promotes sleep, lifts your mood and produces a feeling of wellbeing throughout the body. Massaging the legs up to and including the knees provides relief and keeps the tendons and joints supple.

€ 88,– für 45 Min.

Mukabhyanga – Ayurvedic facial massage

A beauty lift using the energy of hands. A wonderfully relaxing facial and décolleté massage with fragrant, moisturising organic oils awaits you. The careful stimulation of energy points and gentle strokes reduce stress and lift your mood at the same time. Good circulation gives skin a glow and makes facial features look softer and younger.

€ 54,– für 25 Min.

Shirodhara – head oil application

Enjoy heavenly deep relaxation! A well-tempered stream of oil is rhythmically applied over the forehead evenly for at least 30 minutes. The head oil application is deeply relaxing and cleansing for the mind, body and soul. It reduces stress in particular and therefore helps you find inner harmony, happiness and a joy of life.

Tip: Abhyanga is recommended before the head oil application. Shirodhara is not an initial treatment.

€ 119,– für 60 Min.

Abhyanga & Shirodhara combination

€ 204,– für 120 Min.

Personalised treatment programme over 3 to 7 days

The hotel's own therapist Sandra Mayer puts together 3- to 7-day treatment programmes suited to types of from the range of Ayurveda treatments and massages on offer at the Ronacher Hideaway and SPA. These treatment programmes can be easily combined with a relaxing Thai massage or professional health treatments. You are also welcome to discuss and book the treatments you want before your stay.

Send us your no-obligation enquiry for your wellness stay in the Alps in Austria and find out about our current offers and packages. And look forward to an unforgettable time at the Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

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