Dive in and relax in all the pools at the Health & Spa Resort Hotel

The Ronacher's 5 thermal pools – one to suit every taste

Spoilt for choice – spoilt with pleasure! As holidaying at the Ronacher means having the choice between 5 different pools. Choose between sporty swimming, relaxing in the warm thermal water or opt for a gentle massage with water jets, depending on what you fancy. The pools at the Health & Spa Resort Hotel are fantastic!

The classic one – indoor thermal pool (32 degrees C)

Swim in the cosy warm thermal water at any time of year and in any weather. The massage jets on the sides are intended for the calves, upper thighs and back and loosen up tense muscles.

The hot one – thermal massage pool (35 degrees C)

The very finest relaxing, lying in really warm water and being massaged by the bubbles around you. At the same time, you can enjoy the pleasant mountain air and the view over the stunning Nockberge Mountains.

The sporty one – outdoor thermal pool (30 degrees C)

You can swim your lengths or complete laps here. The pool is a sporty 18 metres long and offers plenty of space for all swimmers.

The relaxing one – thermal saltwater pool (35 degrees C)

This is the very finest deep relaxation (floating). Under the open skies you lie on your back in the water, the saltwater and swimming aids carry you. Breathe in the fresh air of the Alps, let the underwater music wash over you and simply float. With rocks from the Nockberge Mountains around the edge, this is certainly the most popular pool at The Ronacher. The view over the snow-covered sauna huts and the 7th heaven is particularly magical in winter while the cosy warmth laps around your body.

The cooling one – cold thermal pool (18 degrees C)

This is the ideal place to cool down after the sauna. The cool-down pools at Thermenhotel Ronacher are not quite that cold, which is very pleasant for the body and ensures even more wellbeing and enjoyment.

Wellness in the water from St. Kathrein

All our pools at the Health & Spa Resort Hotel are fed by the hotel's own thermal spring and have a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial effect. Send us your no-obligation enquiry now and feel the indescribable pleasure on your own body.

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