Bad Kleinkirchheim's thermal spring

The healing water of the St. Kathrein spring at the Ronacher

Time simply cannot touch some places. They stubbornly resist all the rules of passing time with friendly resolve – radiating energy without losing any of their power. The source of the thermal spring in Bad Kleinkirchheim is such a place. It originates in the crypt below a little church.

The power of St. Kathrein – scientifically proven

Crypt with candles
The healing thermal water's source is in St. Kathrein church's crypt

Enjoy the effect of the thermal spring in Bad Kleinkirchheim in a variety of ways at Hotel Ronacher. Our St. Kathrein thermal spring's source has a natural temperature of 36 °C and is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Originally famous for healing eye diseases, the indications go way beyond this today.

Stabilising the circulation, strengthening connective tissues and blood vessels, alleviating rheumatic complaints, aiding recovery after operations, accidents and infectious diseases. And very generally strengthening the immune system.

Everything our healing thermal water can do!

Ronacher Spa Manager Mrs. Erika & Mrs. Barbara

"In the crypt of St. Kathrein church I really feel the power of our healing thermal water. I like spending a few minutes here and treat myself to a sip of our healing water. The crypt is a special place of power with tradition, as the fountain of youth has been bubbling away here for a thousand years."
Host Simone Ronacher

"It's a real treat for me to swim in the Ronacher's thermal water, the tension in my back soon vanishes. I recommend all guests try the beneficial healing water in combination with the new "orthomolecular infusion therapies" for instant results."
Spa doctor Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister

"One real benefit is an eye bath with our healing water. We offer you this treat in the SPA area right next to the thermal water fountain. You will be impressed with how wonderfully your eyes sparkle afterwards."
Qualified cosmetics & beauty expert Erika Mauschitz

Analysis of the hotel's own thermal water from the St. Kathrein spring

According to experimental pharmacological and balneological tests / Vienna

1 kg of dissolved water contains:


  • 5.1 mg sodium
  • 1.65 mg potassium
  • 14.96 mg magnesium
  • 40.68 mg calcium
  • Traces of iron, copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminium


  • 0.28 mg boric acid
  • 0.60 mg fluoride
  • 4.10 mg chloride
  • 0.06 mg iodide
  • 0.62 mg nitrate
  • 0.18 mg nitrite
  • 52.95 mg sulfate
  • 0.012 mg hydrogen phosphate
  • 0.005 mg hydrogen selenate
  • 137.3 mg hydrogen carbonate
  • 29.2 mg silica
  • 0.28 mg boric acid

Dissolved gases

  • 4.00 mg carbon dioxide
  • some nitrogen, which escapes after the water's pressure has been released

Radioactive trace substances

  • Radon, radium

Thermal water in Bad Kleinkirchheim – a particularly healing effect with:

  • allergic disorders and anaemia
  • headaches caused by circulation problems, such as migraines
  • general states of exhaustion after operations and illnesses
  • Sciatica, damaged discs, stiffness after fractures
  • Rheumatism of the muscles and joints
  • Neuralgia, chronic nerve and nerve root inflammations
  • neurovegetative dysregulation with fluctuating blood pressure
  • Signs of wear in the cardiovascular system

The thermal spring has a healing effect on a range of illnesses without there being any risk of damage to health. Immerse yourself in the thermal water and spend your holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry today, contact us for more information at any time by phone: +43 4240 282 and look forward to a healing time in Carinthia's Nockberge mountains. We would be delighted to welcome you here!

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