SPA packages at the 5-star Hotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Quick regeneration in your wellness oasis at Thermenhotel Ronacher

Enjoy our special combination packages – with 10% concession off the individual treatments. These Ronacher SPA packages have been put together by our wellness team to make quick regeneration, a perfect appearance and wellbeing possible for you.


Ronacher relaxing days

The Ronacher classic for switching off and relaxing within a short time.

  • 1 whole body massage
  • 1 reflexology massage
  • 1 hay flower pack
  • 1 aroma oil pack
    Euro € 202,–

Walking on clouds

Your legs are often under a lot of strain in everyday life. Treat yourself to an all-round care programme and enjoy this specific Ronacher SPA package for a perfect appearance.

  • 1 pedicure with paraffin pack
  • 1 leg wrap
  • 1 reflexology massage
  • 1 body detox electrolysis foot spa
    Euro 169,-

Turbo anti-cellulite

Fight cellulite! With body balancer, you can enjoy a body workout while lying down. Supports the activity of the lymph system and the metabolism.

  • 2 body balancers
  • 2 slimming compresses
  • 1 aroma oil massage
    Euro 282,–

Beautifully slim

  • 3 body detox electrolysis foot spas
  • 2 aromatherapy wraps tailored personally to you to firm problem areas
    Euro 262,-

Improved posture

Ronacher's back school. Special programme to build up and strengthen the muscles.

  • 5 spine training sessions (25 mins. each)
  • 5 part body massages
  • 3 natural mud packs
  • 2 hay flower packs
    Euro 658,–


Magical hands

Beautiful, manicured hands are the perfect business card and a real head turner. Treat your hands to a wonderful treatment programme.

  • 1 manicure + hand massage
  • 1 paraffin pack for the hands
    Euro 76,–

Radiant moments

Eyes are the "mirror to the soul". Give your eyes more expression and character.

  • 1 eyelash and eyebrow tint with eyebrow shape
  • 1 eye ampoule with eye mask
    Euro 102,–

Velvety soft angel's skin

Our skin is the best indicator of our wellbeing or being unwell. It is particularly susceptible to external influences and reflects our mental and physical state. Enjoy a feeling of velvety soft skin after just one day.

  • 1 body scrub
  • 1 body pack
  • 1 facial massage
  • 1 face pack
    Euro 172,–

Girlfriend days – simply enjoy being a girl!

Chat and enjoy beauty treatments together. This magical beauty package will make any woman radiant and showcases the Ronacher wellbeing oasis.

  • 1 Thalasso facial
  • 1 aroma oil massage
  • 1 exfoliation
    Euro 236,–

Time for me

Mini programme for your beauty & wellbeing at the SPA in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

  • 1 extensive facial treatment
  • 1 eyelash and eyebrow tint with eyebrow shape
  • 1 body peeling
  • 1 stamp massage with healing herbs
    Euro 292,–

Beauty care for men

The intensive programme for a well groomed leisure and business appearance.

  • 1 facial treatment
  • 1 manicure
  • 1 pedicure
  • 1 aroma oil massage
    Euro 262,–

Short beauty break

For HIM and HER – a fresh glow after just a few days.

  • 1 facial treatment (Maria Galland)
  • 1 honey massage
  • 1 manicure
  • 1 pedicure
    Euro 268,–

Better than Botox

Enjoy fountain of youth beauty! Our cosmetics team will indulge you with beneficial treatments.

  • 1 bio-cellulose stem cell mask
  • 1 oxygen CO2 mask
  • 1 facial massage
  • 1 meso therapy session
  • 1 beauty bath
    Euro 326,–

Anti-aging days

The workout programme for your face. Thanks to the unique method you restore your skin's elasticity, firmness and youthfulness without any medical intervention.

  • 5 anti-aging treatments
    3 x 90 minutes / 2 x 60 minutes
    Euro 548,–

Cell kick

An oxygen kick for your body! This intensive oxygen treatment boosts cell function causing new healthy cells to be formed.

  • 2 cell gym sessions (50 mins. each)
  • 2 body detox electrolysis foot baths
    Euro 219,–


Royal Thai wellness days

Experience the unique wellbeing and energetic harmony of the original royal Thai massage ceremony.

  • 1 royal Thai massage
  • 1 royal Thai foot massage
  • 1 stamp massage
    Euro 266,–

In harmony with Shiatsu

Reflect for a week and get your life energy flowing in a gentle way.

  • 2 Shiatsu (50 mins. each)
  • 1 stamp massage
  • 1 honey massage
    Euro 314,–

Healthy with Ayurveda

Extensive Ayurveda treatments with additional personal consultation.

  • 1 Prishta Abhyanga (back massage)
  • 1 Abhyanga
  • 1 Udvartana
  • 1 body detox electrolysis foot bath
    Euro 334,–

You can find more beneficial wellness packages here.

The Ronacher wellness team will be happy to advise you at the hotel at any time. Together you can find the best package most suited and tailored to you.

You are also welcome to book the treatments you want before your stay. Simply tell us what you want in a no-obligation enquiry or contact us by phone: +43 4240 282. The treatments offered at the Ronacher are also available to external guests.

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