The original royal Thai massage at Hotel Ronacher

Thai massage at the Health & Spa Resort Hotel: the healing art of massage by Thai experts

Enjoy special treatments for different regions around the world at Thermenhotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Besides Ayurveda massages, you can also be pampered by our massage experts in Far Eastern style. With the original royal Thai massage it's not just your body that is touched but your soul too. Our certified Thai masseurs with the golden touch are waiting for you.

The royal Thai massage – unique in Austria

The only place in Austria where you can get to know the original royal Thai massage is at Thermenhotel Ronacher. Hotel boss Simone Ronacher, and her mother Johanna Maier, maintain good relations with the Thai royal household. The top Austrian chef once indulged the royal family's palate resulting in a relationship that has lasted many years. After that they travelled through beautiful Carinthia and their love of Thermenhotel Ronacher began, which led to the cultural exchange and appointment of our Thai masseurs, who enjoyed their training at the royal household's best massage school.

Origins and history

The art of Thai massage has been practised for centuries. It is supposed to have been developed by a North Indian doctor, the former personal physician to the Buddha, called Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. He is still honoured as the "father of medicine" today in Thailand. This special healing massage then spread from India to the southeast Asian region and therefore to Thailand too. In its home the original name "Nuad Phaen Boran" means something like "ancient healing touch".

What is special about Thai massage?

The western European name "Thai yoga massage" already gives an insight into what happens during a Thai massage. The body is pampered with passive stretching positions and movements taken from yoga, joint mobilisations and pressure point massages. The masseurs not only use the balls of their hands and thumbs in the process, but also their knees, elbows and feet. Select energy channels in your body are worked using dynamic, rhythmic movements, powerful grips and lots of sensitivity. Tension and blockages at the start gradually give way to an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation and wellbeing that penetrates deep into the body and soul. The original royal Thai massage, that is done without using any oils, takes place on a mat on the floor in comfortable clothing.

The traditional Thai massage has an alleviating effect with a number of complaints:

  • Muscle tension
  • Backache, neck and shoulder problems
  • Headache and migraines
  • Stress as well as subsequent sleeping and digestive problems

€ 88,– für 50 Min.
€ 118,– für 75 Min.

Original Thai foot massage

Enjoy the special Thai foot massage at Thermenhotel Ronacher. The feet and calves are loosened up and relaxed using gentle stroking movements, light stretches and acupressure. Fragrant oil completes the pampering programme for feet and the senses.

The Thai foot massage has various beneficial effects on the body:

  • Boosts circulation
  • Relieves tired and heavy legs
  • Stimulates the lymph flow
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Is conducive to flexible feet
  • Improves sleep and digestion
  • Eases chronic sinus problems

€ 88,– für 50 Min.

The Ronacher's team of therapists will be happy to advise you in more detail about the various massages and treatments:

Send us your no-obligation enquiry for your wellness holiday in Carinthia and book your treatment appointments at the same time! Look forward to days full of wellbeing in Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains! We look forward to your visit.

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