Special massages at your SPA hotel in Carinthia

Special treatments for detoxifying and mental wellbeing

Enjoy the new and beneficial special treatments at the SPA hotel in Carinthia, tailored to your personal state. The natural raw materials like honey, alpine herbs, algae or the finest oils are selected knowledgeably by the experienced therapists at your Ronacher wellness oasis and release their healing effect.

Honey massage

Sweet honey also pampers you in the wellness area
A healing honey massage

This special kind of back massage is for detoxifying, strengthening and energising the entire organism. It is used to cleanse skin and improve circulation, purify, combat deposits, strengthen the immune system, relax and soothe in the event of regulatory problems.

During your massage at the SPA hotel old dead cells, salts and waste products are removed, which appear as yellowish or grey excretions.

The honey massage is a real gem. This high-quality honey contains glucose, fructose, water, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and even acetylcholine, a tissue hormone that has a positive effect on the heart, bowel and kidneys. The organism absorbs all these valuable substances through the skin.

  • € 84,– für 50 Min.

Stamp massage

Herb stamps pamper you with valuable active ingredients
Choose from various herb stamp massages

The stamp massage at the Ronacher hotel is used for mental wellbeing and relaxation. High-quality oils such as almond, sesame and jojoba oil with valuable active ingredients are gently transported down to the deeper layers of skin in a targeted way using this special massage with the innovative stamping technique. Steam is pressed evenly through the stamp using a pump. At the same time, all the valuable active ingredients are released thus penetrating deeply and effectively into the skin.

  • Choose from the following stamps with your Ronacher therapist:

  • Alpine herb stamp: boosts circulation, helps with muscle tension
  • Old India: boosts the circulation and moisturises skin
  • € 89,– für 50 Min.


It plays an important role in pain therapy, rehabilitation and prevention as well as in the treatment of injuries. This specific form of integral body therapy consists of manual techniques, massages, mobilisation, fascia therapy, electro-therapy, taping and exercises.

  • € 49,– für 25 Min.
  • € 88,– für 50 Min.
  • € 118,– für 75 Min.

Shiatsu from Japan

The word is composed of two terms in Japanese, whereby "SHI" stands for finger and "ATSU" for pressure. Shiatsu is a manual body treatment that originates from Asia and is used to harmonise the flow of life energy (Chi). It is practised using the fingers, balls of the hands, elbows and even the feet to exercise stable pressure along precisely defined energy lines (meridians). The aim is to clear blockages to achieve the harmonious flow of the body's energy.

  • € 88,– für 50 Min.
  • € 118,– für 75 Min.

Hot Stone massage from the USA

An old Shamanic treatment method that consists of energy work and a massage using hot and cold stones.

  • € 88,– für 50 Min.
  • € 124,– für 75 Min.

Well advised by our therapists

The Ronacher team of therapists, a team of experts, are available to help you choose the best and most suitable treatments for your body. You are also welcome to book the treatments you want before your stay.

Also find out about the Thai massages, Ayurveda massages, classic massages, special health treatments and beauty treatments at your hotel in Carinthia.

Feel free to send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry today or contact us now in person: +43 4240 282. We look forward to welcoming you to the Ronacher SPA hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim!

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