Classic massages at the wellness hotel in Carinthia

Ronacher's classics for your wellbeing

The Ronacher is well-known throughout Austria for its outstanding classic massages. Tailored to your personal state and requests, superbly trained and professional masseurs take care of your wellbeing. The unique Panorama SPA at your Thermenhotel Ronacher wellness oasis offers peace and a suitable pleasant ambience. Choose from the different massage treatments. The varied range on offer is guaranteed to include the right one for you!

Classic part body massage

Particularly advisable for tight back and shoulder muscles. We recommend a natural mud pack on the floating treatment couch beforehand for a better deep effect.

  • € 42,– für 25 Min.

Classic full body massage on your wellness holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Releases muscle tension, stimulates circulation and achieves deep relaxation.

  • € 78,– für 50 Min.


  • € 116,– für 75 Min.


The organs' self-healing powers are activated through the reflex points on the soles and backs of the feet. This technique relaxes all the organs and muscles, ensures better circulation and works miracles with migraines and digestive problems. We recommend a hay flower pack beforehand.

  • € 44,– für 25 Min.


A part body massage for the back combined with reflexology.

  • € 78,– für 50 Min.

Lymph drainage

This gentle and light massage technique stimulates the lymph circulation, purifies and drains the body.

  • € 46,– für 25 Min.
  • € 78,– für 50 Min.

Aroma oil massage

Essential oils are gently massaged into the skin. They invigorate and harmonise the mind, body and soul. Resulting in wellbeing and intense relaxation. One of the many wonderful massages at the Ronacher wellness hotel.

  • € 78,– für 50 Min.

The Ronacher team of therapists are available to help you choose the best and most suitable massages for your body at the SPA hotel. A great speciality at the hotel in Carinthia are the original royal Thai massages.

You are also welcome to book the treatments you want before your stay. Enquire and we will send you a no-obligation holiday offer for your stay at the Ronacher.

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