We take care of your health at Hotel Ronacher

Holistic treatments and therapies

The Ronacher has been well-known beyond Austria's borders for its expertise in terms of wellness and spa treatments for decades. We have taken this reputation as our motivation and massively expanded our expertise with regard to health over the last few years. You can find an ideal mixture of thermal spa, treatments using state-of-the-art resources and personal, tailored support.

Your doctor at the Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Doctor with glasses
You are in the best hands with Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister

Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister is doctor for general practice and consultant for trauma surgery. Besides extensive conventional medical training, he practises acupuncture, Auriculomedicine, manual medicine, nutritional and exercise advice. The "Trail of Elements" developed by him in our region shows how you feel strength playing, moving and being moved with different elements.

In the best hands: an experienced team of therapists is available to you at the Ronacher, supported by state-of-the-art resources.

Losing weight, fat burning, detoxifying, purifying and boosting your metabolism

One focus of the health treatments at Hotel Ronacher is on losing weight and detoxifying the body. By boosting the metabolism, detoxifying, following a fasting regimen based on alkaline foods, etc. you will achieve your goal: a better feeling about your body. The healthy gourmet cuisine at the Ronacher also supports you in this project.

The back, joints, fascia, Repuls

Do you have problems or even pain and inflammation in your back, joints or somewhere else on your body? Thanks to innovative concepts such as Repuls and myofascial therapy we have the right answer to this at the Ronacher.

Physiotherapy, yoga and movement

Our trained therapists base the physiotherapy on your physiological and anatomical requirements. We can even help you in the event of restricted mobility with personalised movement therapy and yoga. Anyone can join in the daily morning programme, active waking up, free of charge.

Burnout prevention

Stress in everyday life is a phenomenon that we are all exposed to from time to time. It is important to prevent stress from getting the upper hand in good time so that it doesn't lead to serious subsequent illnesses. The Ronacher's health experts and wellness oasis are the perfect combination for your burnout prevention.

Personalised therapies and treatments

Do you want to preventively do something good for your body, do you want to lose weight, detoxify, are you re-convalescing or do you have specific physical ailments? Come to Hotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim and put yourself in the professional hands of our health team!

Send us your no-obligation enquiry or contact us by telephone +43 4240 282 and discuss your issue with our experts. We will be happy to advise you on suitable treatments and therapies.

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