Body packs and beneficial baths at Thermenhotel Ronacher

Relaxation, detox and fat burning has a great effect during your spa holiday in Carinthia

Bathing becomes a sensual pleasure at your Thermenhotel Ronacher wellness oasis in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Immerse yourself in the warm thermal water, beneficial fragrances and candlelight – experience pure relaxation. The therapeutic effect of the thermal water is enhanced even further with special additives from nature. With the body packs you rest on the floating treatment couch or on the cosy warm water bed. Covered in mud or hay with healing additives relaxation comes really easy. The effect is enhanced even more by the deep heat effect.

Valerian and lavender bath

Mud bath on a wellness holiday in Carinthia
Enjoy a healing mud bath

Valerian has a calming effect on the body and mind. Only the roots are processed with this old household remedy. Lavender has the same calming effect. The dried flowers are also used in tea and serve as a special sleeping aid. Lavender is considered to be cleansing, it is a diuretic, antiseptic, antiflatulent and antispasmodic.

25 minutes €29

Hay flower bath

Select grasses and flowers, which are plucked around Bad Kleinkirchheim in the Nockberge national park, release a really wonderful fragrance in bath water. They have a positive effect on muscoloskeletal problems and tense muscles. They also stimulate the metabolism.

25 minutes €29

Rosemary bath

The special fragrance of rosemary soothes nerves in the case of migraines, tension headaches, fatigue and depression. Rosemary is also a tried and tested household remedy to boost circulation.

25 minutes €29

Whey bath

The healthy effect of the oldest "wellness product" was already recognised by Cleopatra. A beneficial whey bath can be taken for healing and skin care purposes. It regenerates dry and inflamed skin and relieves neurodermatitis.

25 minutes €29

Body detox electrolysis foot spa

Purifies, deacidifies and detoxifies the body by removing harmful toxins. Highly recommended for: digestive complaints, rheumatism, a weakened immune system, poor concentration, fatigue, sleeping problems, lymphoedema and obesity / cellulite.

30 minutes €49

Body pack

Treat your body to a pack made of precious oils and rich active ingredients. Experience how your skin regenerates itself wrapped up in warm cloths.

25 minutes €38

Goat's butter cream pack

The goat's butter cream supplies skin with just the right moisture. The special fatty acids in the goat's butter have a balancing effect and can alleviate itching. Goat's butter can also be used with skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Evening primrose oil cream bath: goat's butter cream combined with evening primrose oil enhances the effect.

Men's special: goat's butter cream combined with sunflower oil and aloe vera absorbs into the skin leaving practically no residue, is nourishing and has a particularly masculine fragrance.

25 minutes €49

Natural mud pack

Loosens up muscles, alleviates rheumatic complaints, supports the treatment of spinal problems, stimulates the metabolism and has a localised relaxing effect.

4 layers €36

6 layers €44

Hay flower pack

The hay in our alpine region is a natural mixture of herbs. The pack's active ingredients can release their healing power thanks to the warmth and moisture. They are antispasmodic and purifying, help with diseases of the internal organs and the gastrointestinal tract.

4 layers €36

6 layers €44


This treatment boosts weight loss and helps combat cellulite and oedema.

25 minutes €49

Thalasso treatment

The Thalasso sea silt breaks down fatty deposits and reduces cellulite.

45 minutes €69

Comfort Spa Truffle

Truffles, not just a sensual treat for the palate but also a luxury nutrient for the skin.

25 minutes €49

Comfort Spa Crystal

Finely ground ruby dust soothes the skin and gives it new firmness and energy.

25 minutes €49

Treatments at Hotel Ronacher

Besides the body treatments and baths, you can also opt for anti-aging treatments, fat burning, facial treatments, cosmetics and highly effective health treatments at the Ronacher.

Plan your visit to Thermenhotel Ronacher and your treatments in the hotel's own SPA. Send us your no-obligation enquiry and look forward to a relaxing time in Carinthia's mountains.

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