Biking in Bad Kleinkirchheim in the hilly Nockberge Mountains

Conquer the summit with a view of the lakes – by mountain bike / road bike / e-bike

You turn from a biker into a navigator of the lakes here! As cyclists from all over the world experience the exquisite coming together of the mountains and lakes in the Bad Kleinkirchheim nock/bike region. From challenging single trail downhills to variety-packed road bike tours to leisurely routes for families, you can use your bike to climb demanding peaks, enjoy the gentle crests of Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains here or cycle relaxing laps around a lake in Carinthia.

The "nock/bike region" is a real "bikers' paradise"

The world of mountains and lakes south of the main ridge of the Alps impresses beginners, family cyclists, summiteers and real mountain bike fans with breathtaking panoramic views over the whole of Carinthia.

Whether it's conquering the peaks or a single trail downhill, variety-packed mountain bike routes or relaxing leisurely tours with a culinary treat at the end – Bad Kleinkirchheim's diverse landscape will get your biker's pulse racing. Be it by mountain bike, road bike or e-bike, you experience a cycling heaven on earth here.

Mountain biking in Bad Kleinkirchheim's outdoors

Bike and cycling tours in Carinthia: Two mountain bikers riding through a flat stream
Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains are ideal for mountain biking

Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains with their gentle crests whose trails often lead directly to the cross at the peak, some at more than 2,000 metres altitude, appear to be made for mountain biking. The Lake Millstatt and Bad Kleinkirchheim nock/bike regions, which offer a route network of roughly 700 kilometres, are constantly presenting new tours and single trails.

You can easily explore the routes thanks to a range of transfer varieties such as cable car, boat or trailer shuttle. The trails are also very respectable – you can ride your mountain bike downhill in all levels of difficulty – there are lots of versions available for both beginners and freeride freaks.


You enjoy mountain biking without any difficult climbs with "nock/bike Trans". The Kaiserburgbahn and Brunnach National Park cable cars take you and your bike up to the peak in comfort.

Day tickets including bike transport:

  • Ascent: € 27.50
  • 4 hour ticket: € 33.50
  • Day ticket: € 39.50
  • Bike transport with the Kärnten Card: € 9.00

Multi-day tickets including bike transport:

  • 2 out of 5 days: € 74.00
  • 3 out of 5 days: € 101.00
  • 4 out of 5 days: € 126.00

Bike fun in Bad Kleinkirchheim

More than 1,000 kilometres of signposted and secure bike tours stretch from the Nockberge/Bad Kleinkirchheim region over Lake Millstatt to the Lieser and Malta valley as far as the Katschberg.

The freeride tours around Bad Kleinkirchheim are a technical challenge, with downhill passages and single trails via Feld am See as far as the family-friendly lake cycle path around Lake Millstatt with extraordinary access to the lake.

Your "mountain bike partner" in the Nockberge Mountains

Anyone who doesn't want to set off on their own can join Sportschule Krainer. It is a pro when it comes to mountain biking and offers a varied programme: introductory courses, technique training, day trips to camps lasting several days. You can get more information at Hotel Ronacher.

Sportschule Krainer in Bad Kleinkirchheim from April to October:

  • Guided tours every day
  • Divided into at least 2 ability groups
  • Expert supervision from the introductory to family/leisurely biking tours and challenging single trail technique training
  • Riding technique training, downhill training, workshops, incentives, outdoor camps, packages for individual guests and groups
  • Nock/bike shuttle for leisurely bikers (trailer taxi, cable car, boat)
  • Bike taxi – we take you to the starting point of your bike tour
  • Repair service, bike shop and bike hire
  • Perfect map material
  • Young Rocket bike camps for kids and teenagers


Nockbike riding technique & Flow Trail Camp
3 guided cycling tours with a focus on riding technique and safety, shuttle service with dedicated bike trailer, workshop: “Photography Diploma with Road Book” and trial water sports sessions
Euro 155,- per person

“E-Bike Camp” – relaxed cycling with electrically powered rear wind
3 guided cycling tours, professional tips and training sessions for beginners, e-fully freaks try out a range of easy-going trails
Euro 155,- pro Person

The Nock Five” – The five most attractive Nockberge mountains in four days
Top five summits of Carinthia’s Nockberge mountains (Wöllaner Nock, Kolmnock, Rosenock, Millstätter Alpe and Mirnock) during a unique 4-day tour
Euro 252,- per person


Bike tours around the Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim – mountain bike and road bike tours around Carinthia's mountains and lakes.Tour no. 08 – around the Kolmnock in Carinthia

Forest roads and trails through alpine pastures lead around the Kolmnock on this mountain bike tour. It starts from Hotel Ronacher. It then continues towards the Dragehütte, over the ridge west to the Strohsack (1,902 m). From here along the south side down to the Wegerhütte and west at the Feldpannbach stream. Here the route leads over Obertweng around the mountain and along the Twengbach stream back to the starting point.

  • Map material: you can find more detailed information on the nock/bike map no. 8
  • Guiding: once a week in 2 levels of ability (with riding technique training)


  • Elevation gain: 1,057 m
  • Distance: 22 km
  • Riding time: approx. 3.5 hours
  • Level of difficulty: moderate

Tour no. 14 – mountain bike tour around the Priedröf

The route leads from the Bach part of town in Bad Kleinkirchheim via St. Oswald to the Spitzeck and over the Brunnach peak to St. Oswald's Bockhütte. This moderate mountain bike tour in Carinthia demands good stamina! Anyone who wants to save themselves an approx. 500-m elevation gain can take the National Park cable car up (free with the Kärnten Card). The descent leads partly over single trails and hiking paths as far as the Petodnighütte. You then head to St. Peter and Obertweng on forest trails and a few asphalt paths and back to Bad Kleinkirchheim via a forest trail.


  • Elevation gain: 1,160 m
  • Distance: 30 km
  • Riding time: approx. 4-5 hours
  • Level of difficulty: moderate

Tour no. 09 – FIS Franz Klammer

From Hotel Ronacher you head towards the Kaiserburg middle station, past the Dragehütte as far as just below the Kaiserburg top station. Continue as far as the Rossalmhütte and over the ridge with stunning view along as far as the Strohsack (1,904 m). After a short downhill on a field trail you head past the Maibrunnhütte on a forest trail down to Bad Kleinkirchheim.


  • Elevation gain: 905 m
  • Distance: 17 km
  • Riding time: approx. 3.5 hours
  • Level of difficulty: moderate

Carinthia, paradise for a holiday with your road bike

Experienced road cyclists have long known: if you want to ride into the new season early, you can do this really well in Carinthia. Road cyclists experience ideal routes, outstanding roads and perfect routing throughout the season in Bad Kleinkirchheim on 27 road cycling tours. The stunning scenery and Carinthia's pleasant southern climate ensure perfect road cycling bliss from spring to autumn.

Road cycling and road cycling tours

Flying over country roads. Freeing your mind intoxicated by speed. Feeling the freedom. Anyone who wants to enjoy that road cycling feeling on well developed roads without much traffic should come to Carinthia for road cycling. The colourful range of road cycling tours in the south of Austria extends from the circuit through the valley following the tracks of the ARBÖ Cycle Marathon Bad Kleinkirchheim to tours around Carinthia's lakes. The heart of many road cycling tours in Bad Kleinkirchheim is Carinthia's panoramic road, the Nockalm Scenic Road. The ride into the Nockberge Mountains is a perfect road cycling experience. The almost 35-kilometre long road leads through the Nockberge biosphere reserve in 52 hairpin bends. The road's slight gradient makes it ideal for being able to enjoy the stunning scenery while road cycling.

Road cycling tours around the Bad Kleinkirchheim region

The Nockalm circuit – the road cycling tour over Carinthia's Nockalm Scenic Road

The start and finish is the famous spa town of Bad Kleinkirchheim. The Nockalm circuit leads 106 kilometres through the stunning region of the Nockberge Mountains up to 2,440 metres altitude on an asphalt route. One of the most stunning sections of the Nockalm circuit road cycling tour is the 34-kilometre long Nockalm Scenic Road. The Nockalm Scenic Road winds through the picturesque Nockberge biosphere reserve with a gradient of about 8-10 percent.


  • Elevation gain: 2,195 m
  • Distance: 106.3 km
  • Cycling time: approx. 3.5-6 hours
  • Level of difficulty: difficult

The 4 lakes circuit (nock/bike)

The start and finish of this road cycling tour is the famous spa town of Bad Kleinkirchheim. The 4 lakes circuit with 115.8 km leads you past the lakes Feldsee, Afritzer See, Ossiacher See and Lake Wörth.


  • Elevation gain: approx. 1,581 m
  • Distance: 115.8 km
  • Cycling time: approx. 6 hours
  • Level of difficulty: difficult

Following the tracks of the ARBÖ Cycle Marathon – around the Wöllaner Nock

You cycle towards Afritz/Verditz (km 7.79) and turn left at the junction at km 10.46. Passing Arriach (km 13.30), the Klösterlebahn cable car (km 18.25), and the Bachkeusche (km 23.23). In Oberboden (km 29.73) turn left at the junction, follow the B95 main road continuously to Gnesau (km 36.3). Carry on past Zedlitzdorf and St. Margarethen as far as the junction at 45.87 then turn left towards Bad Kleinkirchheim. You pass Bad Kleinkirchheim, tourist information (km 52.67) and come to Radenthein (km 59.19); at the roundabout at km 59.75 take the exit towards Villach. In Feld am See you return to the starting point in the village square (km 63.45).


  • Elevation gain: approx. 1,059 m
  • Distance: 62.3 km
  • Cycling time: approx 5-6 hours
  • Level of difficulty: difficult

Come to Bad Kleinkirchheim for biking

Plan your activity holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Besides the best bike tours you can also find superb conditions for hiking, golfing or playing tennis in the summery mountains. Send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry or find out about the special Ronacher packagesand look forward to a sporting time in the Austrian Alps.

For information contact us at any time by phone: +43 4240 282.

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