Healthy eating – sustainable and healthy gourmet cuisine

Vegan and vegetarian menus in the award-winning Ronacher restaurant

Only natural, seasonal foods are refined into extraordinary taste sensations in the Ronacher kitchen. As we place great importance on healthy eating, it goes without saying that vegetarian and vegan palates are also exceptionally indulged. Varied special menus are created every day especially for all gourmets who enjoy meat-free and plant-based indulgence.

You can already find the vegan corner with homemade spreads, the juice bar with freshly squeezed juices and the best grains in the "bread oven" in the morning at breakfast until 12 noon. And you can opt for a 5-course vegan gourmet menu every evening.

Vegan treats without abstinence

The head chef on vegan and vegetarian cooking: "We receive extremely positive feedback from our guests as these dishes are considered to be a sustainable form of nutrition suitable for allergy sufferers." The dedicated kitchen team is also very happy to create other dishes to suit allergy sufferers' specific requirements.

Allergy sufferers are welcome!

Vegetable soup with vegetable decoration on the edge of the plate
Fresh and healthy dishes at Thermenhotel Ronacher

Food allergies and intolerances are also given particular consideration at Thermenhotel Ronacher. Besides intolerances to certain animal products, which are catered for with vegetarian or vegan food, intolerances to lactose, fructose, gluten and histamine are rife.

With lactose intolerance the body does not have enough of the lactase enzyme that is required to break down lactose. A fructose intolerance makes all kinds of fruits taboo as a result of the person affected not being able to digest the fruit sugar. Anyone who reacts sensitively to gluten has to eliminate almost all local grain varieties from their diet – otherwise the gluten they contain can cause chronic intestinal inflammation. Histamine is a substance that can be found in almost natural foods in varying concentrations. Caution is therefore called for with foods that have a high histamine content.

Whether it's lactose-free, fructose-free, gluten-free or low-histamine dishes or cooking for diabetics, the dedicated kitchen team is very happy to create special dishes for you that are tailored to your personal requirements. Enjoy exceptional dining on your holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim without any worries at all.

We can cater for your particular preferences or requirements best if you inform us about them in good time.

Tortellini with vegetables in a round plate
Be indulged with light and healthy dishes

Healthy and fit thanks to the power of plants

For many vegan people consideration of animals is the main motivation for choosing a vegan lifestyle. However, the vegetarian and in particular vegan diet has long been discovered as a health-boosting and even healing alternative to a usual mixed diet by people who live a conscious lifestyle. It has been established that animal protein plays a major role in many allergies. A balanced plant-based diet rich in vital nutrients with a lot of uncooked vegetables not only has a positive effect on many allergies in the long term but also on other illnesses such as rheumatism, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy indulgence at Hotel Ronacher

Plan your stay in the mountains in Carinthia. Find out about the offers and packages at the Ronacheror send us your no-obligation enquiry now. And look forward to healthy award-winning cooking, as well as vegan and vegetarian specialities at the Ronacher gourmet restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim! To indulgence that helps you with detoxing and purifying.

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