Repuls and myofascial therapy – fighting pain for wellbeing

Innovative therapies by the Ronacher's health experts

The therapists at Hotel Ronacher are constantly undergoing further training to always be well informed about the latest developments. As a result, we offer you both technical innovations and state-of-the-art therapy methods at the Ronacher SPA to boost your wellbeing with the latest knowledge.

Repuls – the revolution in pain therapy!

Repuls therapy for pain relief
Repuls: revolutionary pain therapy

A highly intensive, pulsed, cold red light is used with the Repuls treatment. The painful or inflamed area of the body is targeted with the red light. The specific wavelength ensures that the red light penetrates deep down without warming up the tissue.

Leukotriene inflammation is positively influenced and leads to faster pain relief and alleviation of irritation with improved cell respiration.

Areas of application for Repuls treatment

  • Alleviates problems with arthrosis and arthritis
  • Reduces the problem of a heel spur and increases the gliding properties to the surrounding joints
  • Thanks to it releasing tension, it leads to reduced pain with sciatica problems, relaxes the muscles and releases the nerve
  • Reduces acute and chronic irritation of the tendon insertion with inflamed tendons

Repuls therapy is a sensible complement to physiotherapy, body detox and lymph drainages.

Myofascial therapy

Fascia are collagenous, fibrous connective tissue that cover the muscles and lots of other things in our body and give it its shape. If too much or too little strain is placed on the fascia, they stick together and cause pain. With advancing age fascia lose their elasticity and are more prone to pain.

With myofascial therapy, the fascia are externally stimulated and activated using slow and deep strokes. Thus releasing the fascia and muscle tension. A positive effect on the sympathetic nervous system promotes inner balance. You feel more flexible and energised.

Area of application for myofascial therapy

  • With muscular tension
  • To alleviate internal tension
  • For balance between the muscles and connective tissue

Myofascial therapy improves flexibility, ensures physical wellbeing and reduces muscular and emotional tension. It can be ideally complemented by physiotherapy, lymph drainage, body detox.

Your health treatments at the Ronacher

A team of highly trained health experts awaits you at Hotel Ronacher. Find out personally about the suggested therapies: +43 4240 282 and enjoy a beneficial time at the 5-star hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

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