Physiotherapy - release tension and increase flexibility

Trained physiotherapists at the Ronacher

A team of health experts led by Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister takes care of your physical wellbeing at Hotel Ronacher. Suitable therapies and treatments help you with your problems.

Physiotherapy – how it works and what it can do

Physical therapy at Thermenhotel Ronacher
Physiotherapy at Thermenhotel Ronacher

Physiotherapy is a specific kind of holistic physical therapy. The focus of the treatment is tailored personally to your needs. The therapists base this on your body's anatomical and physiological conditions. Stimuli such as warmth, pressure or the cold are used in a targeted way to mobilise your body again and alleviate hardness and tension.

Physiotherapy helps:

  • After injuries
  • With restricted mobility
  • With back problems
  • With muscular tension

And can be ideally combined with myofascial therapy, Body Ballancer, Cellgym and massages.

Therapies and treatments at Hotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Plan your treatments at Hotel Ronacher. The health experts at the resort take care of you and are happy to advise you on which treatments are suitable for you. Contact us at any time by telephone +43 4240 282 or by email:

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