Cellgym and Body Ballancer for your anti-aging wellbeing

Stimulate the metabolism and increase the efficiency of the cells

Find out more about two methods that give you more strength, a better body awareness and improved appearance.

Body Ballancer – a full workout lying down

Body treatment with the Body Ballancer system
Relaxed treatment on the Body Ballancer couch

Body Ballancer is an innovative piece of equipment that supports your metabolism, similarly to a workout.

The treatment with the Body Ballancer is done in a relaxed lying down position. You wear compression tights which help to produce wavy massage movements on your body and get it moving. Thus supporting the metabolism and lymph system's activity.

Accumulated toxins in the body are removed thanks to the improved lymph flow. The skin and connective tissue underneath it are sustainably strengthened.

The Body Ballancer treatment is suitable for:

  • Active people – for tired and heavy legs
  • People looking for balance – gets the lymph flowing and reduces oedema
  • Aesthetes – to shape the body's contours

As the treatment makes legs feel light, ensures a firm figure, supports lipometabolism, has a positive effect on the nervous system and generally leads to more energy and vitality.

The Body Ballancer treatment can be combined perfectly with:

Cellgym – new energy cell by cell

Cellgym is an intensive oxygen treatment for your cells. The cells, the roots to your health, are strengthened and their efficiency is improved. Immediately after the treatment you feel energised and fit for the day. Simply energy-charged.

The Cellgym treatment helps with fatigue and exhaustion, gives you new strength and noticeably more vitality. It brings about improved performance, both in sport and everyday life.

This treatment leads to:

  • A strengthened immune system
  • Improved concentration
  • Better stress resistance
  • Shorter regeneration periods – e.g. after sport
  • Supported lipometabolism

Cellgym can be ideally combined with

  • Body detox
  • Body Ballancer with wraps and
  • Lymph drainages.

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