Burnout prevention – take a step back from everyday stress

Ensure that you are mentally balanced before it's too late

Burnout syndrome is the result of a stressful everyday life and constant excessive demand with not enough peace and quiet to balance it out. It describes a permanent state of total exhaustion – both physically and emotionally. Once you have reached this state of frustration, it requires massive efforts to get out of it again. Which is why it is extremely important to be aware of the imminent threat and take action to combat it in good time.

Deliberately treating yourself to peace and quiet, consciously switching off and taking a step back from everyday stress is the first step. Building up your strength and recharging your batteries is another one.

Burnout prevention with health experts at Hotel Ronacher

Prevent burnout
Restore balance in your everyday life

Burnout prevention under the instruction of health experts at Hotel Ronacher is a combination of many approaches. The top priority is deliberately treating yourself to and enjoying some time-out. The conditions are perfect for this at the Ronacher Hideaway Health & SPA Resort.

The therapists assist you in very consciously actively relaxing. A skillful mix of activity, walking along the stream or waterfall, to relaxing massages and body treatments.

Active cell supply with oxygen

The personalised treatments at Hotel Ronacher start with a detailed medical consultation. Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister is convinced by multi-step oxygen therapy. This actively supplies all the cells in the body. It strengthens the immune system and combats states of exhaustion and circulation problems. Extremely good results are achieved when combined with infusion treatments. The body's strength and vitality is restored. The treatment is a real fountain of youth.

Contact the Ronacher health experts at any time and find out about the right treatment for you: +43 4240 282

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