Ayurveda – a holistic philosophy for your wellbeing

Achieve all-round better body awareness with Indian knowledge

Ayurveda originates from India and looks back on a history that is at least 5000 years old. The Far Eastern art of healing has a mythological origin and is based on 4 central elements: the Ayurveda massage and cleansing techniques, dietetics, spiritual yoga practice and herbalism.

Inner balance and the unity of the body and soul

Ayurveda head oil application at the Ronacher spa hotel
Ayurvedic head oil application

The Ayurveda philosophy sees life as a unity of the body, senses, mind and soul. Life is based on three principles, the Doshas. Together they enable all the organism's processes. These energies are in harmonious balance in a healthy body. In the event of imbalance, errors occur in the system and the Ayurvedic doctor tries to restore the right balance. Both internal and external influences may be responsible for a lack of balance.

Personalised treatment

The aim of the Indian art of healing is to understand the trigger for illnesses, identify the first signs of this and prevent the illness from breaking out. For the diagnosis the person is examined as a whole, regardless of where the physical complaints lie. As a result, the individual constitution, i.e. the relationship of the Doshas, is established and suitable treatments are defined for this person based on this. Usually, the treatment consists of a specific diet, manual therapy and treatment with the right medicine.

Ayurveda as an instrument for relaxation

In the western world, Ayurveda is only rarely seen as a real alternative to conventional medicine, instead individual elements from the Ayurveda tradition are used to improve wellbeing. For example, a diet based on Ayurveda principles relieves the metabolism and Ayurveda massages lead to fast regeneration, relaxation and stress reduction.

In your wellness oasis at The Ronacher Hideaway Health & SPA Resort, an Indian therapist offers you a whole range of traditional Ayurveda massages. Together with other treatments at Hotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Ayurveda treatment ensures unforgettable feel-good moments and days packed with relaxation.

Find out about yoga & movement, a fasting regimen based on alkaline foods, detox & purification and our health packages.

If you have any questions and for more information you can also contact us in person at any time: +43 4240 282.

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