Aqua fitness – gymnastics and training in thermal water

Exercise in water is gentle on the joints and highly efficient

Aqua fitness is an ideal full body workout. The physical properties of the water make it the perfect medium to improve endurance, strength and flexibility. The water's high density has higher resistance than air and consequently leads to the muscles working harder during fitness training. Added to this the workout in the water is very gentle on the joints, spine, tendons and ligaments thanks to the buoyancy and near weightlessness. The positive effect of the Ronacher's thermal spring is an added bonus for you.

A whole variety of different training elements combined

Swimming in the thermal water at Thermenhotel Ronacher
Movement in water is a gentle way of exercising

When training in water there are different forms such as aqua aerobics, aqua jogging, aqua fitness or aqua pilates. Modern aqua fitness training tends to be more fitness focused compared to classic aqua aerobics and contains a whole variety of training stimuli and elements from different training methods.

Aqua fitness at Hotel "Ronacher" in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Aqua fitness is naturally part of the exercise programme at the Ronacher wellness oasis in Carinthia's Nockberge mountains. The thermal water provides additional positive effects during physical exertion. And the training environment at the Ronacher is unsurpassed anyway.

Aqua Nordic Walking

This aqua walking, running and jumping training programme features aqua Nordic walking sticks specially developed by Michael Epp (Nordic Walking World Champion). The training programme involves using all muscle groups. Not only arm, leg and gluteal muscles, but also the stomach and back muscles are trained continuously. As well as enhancing stamina and mobility, Aqua Nordic Walking has a relaxing effect and improves coordination.

Kneipp showers

Lumbar, knee, thigh or lower leg or beauty showers. Kneipp showers are simple but have a brilliant effect. Millions of nerve endings respond to the stimulation generated by the water, creating a positive reaction in the body. A wonderful way of activating and relaxing at the same time.

Health experts and a huge range on offer at the Ronacher

You also have the option of using many other treatments and offers for your personal wellbeing during your stay in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Choose from a comprehensive list of massages and body & beauty treatments. And find out about Ayurveda, a fasting regimen based on alkaline foods, burnout prevention, Cellgym & Body Ballancer, detox & purification, Repuls & fascia, back & joints, physiotherapy & Ortho-Bionomy, yoga & movement.

Real health experts, therapists and trainers take care of your needs at Hotel Ronacher. Be inspired by the health packages or send us a no-obligation enquiry now.

If you have any questions and for more information you can also contact us at any time by email: or by phone: +43 4240 282, we are always there for you!

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